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The Divided Brain
Iain McGilchrist   Dec 6, 2011  

In this new RSAnimate, renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our ‘divided brain’ has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society.

This piece is rather confusing, as it begins by renouncing the exclusivity and division of the brain's hemispheres, and yet concludes by distinguishing them? When indeed, as is indicated, the wisdom is to view the brain, (or rather the mind as the presenter is intimating), as a whole and both intuitive and rational with neither traits as non exclusive and both as highly useful?

Not sure I agree with the conclusions of this piece either. It is arguable that humans are evolving with greater emphasis on the rational, as the human anthropocentric worldview is increasingly irrational? Why is half the world starving and in poverty and suffering now that we are all aware of this, and understand the geographic nature of the problem, and when, "we know and have the wisdom" to now make a difference and to guide to change this situation?

It would seem that rationality is best suited to deal with the dilemmas of world poverty and suffering, and I will leave the utilitarian's to argue as by what measure? Yet I would say that it is "irrationality" and also agree perhaps too much emphasis on the conceptual, that supports the laziness and apathy, which in turn supports the status quo as promoting the easy way out of political dilemmas?

And let's face it, humans are extremely lazy, (root = selfishness), on the whole? What other explanation could there be for such intellectual complacency in the 21st century mind? I guess that the objectivist would argue that rationality implies that self interest is paramount in all concerns, and thus that "utility" demands "self" survival and happiness as priority, which also supports the current political world view and our complacency?

Are the political and daily dilemmas we face today too difficult for our weary minds to tackle? Is it all down to plain laziness that leads to apathy?

Also, read an article in the paper yesterday claiming that the human brain has reached it's intellectual limit? I cannot find the article online, but here is a similar article..

<b>The end of evolution? Scientists say human brain may have reached full capacity </b>

"We've invented penicillin, space shuttles, computers and even artificial hearts, among many other wonders. So where will human intelligence go from here?
The answer, if certain scientists are correct, is nowhere.
Mankind’s brain power has reached its peak and it is physically impossible for us to become any smarter, they say."

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