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Colony 5 - Future - Technoprogressive Lyrics
Miriam Leis   Apr 11, 2008   MJSL2050  

Our friend Miriam, a futurist analyst in Germany and member of DeTrans the German Transhumanist Association, put together this little video for a Colony 5 song. Check it out.


Tragedies and suffering
I hear them scream
screaming for help
The prophets preach
the end of the world
only fools believe their words

No truth without evidence
it’s easy to lie
who can seek the answers
who can see through the sky
Such a great temptation
who can carry such a quest
and gain that information
we don’t need no god

We don’t need no god no more
We don’t need a tyrant

We want to love
we want to breathe
we want to be
Rebuild the world
with the knowledge
we retrieve

We want to feel
we want to live
we want to see
seek the wisdom
from the future
and believe

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