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Toward a transhumanist politics
Riccardo Campa   Jun 24, 2009   Re-Public  

The central transhumanist idea of self-directed evolution can be coupled with different political, philosophical and religious opinions. Accordingly, we have observed individuals and groups joining the movement from very different persuasions. On one hand such diversity may be an asset in terms of ideas and stimuli, but on the other hand it may involve a practical paralysis, especially when members give priority to their existing affiliations over their belonging to organized transhumanism.

In order to remedy this inconvenience I have produced a document – the Italian Transhumanist Manifesto – which (at least in my intentions) represents a positive synthesis of different transhumanist tendencies and philosophical propensities. In this article I shall present a few ideas “extracted” from that Manifesto – those concerning politics – hoping to contaminate with these ideas other organizations that are active abroad or internationally.

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Riccardo Campa Ph.D. is a fellow of the IEET, and an associate professor of sociology at the University of Cracow. He is the author of Epistemological Dimensions of Robert Merton’s Sociology and Il filosofo è nudo, and the founder and president of the Italian Transhumanist Association.

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