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Campa Publishes Book on Transhumanism in Italian
Jan 26, 2010  

IEET Fellow Riccardo Campa has just published a new book on transhumanism in Italian, as part of Bergamo University Press’s new book series “Transumanisti.”

Mutare o perire. La sfida del transumanesimo
(Change or Perish. The Challenge of Transhumanism)

Change or Perish is the first monograph on transhumanism published in Italy. Written by one of the leading exponents of transhumanism in the world, the book analyzes both the new converging technologies revolutionizing human life and the social movement supporting this trend. The bioconservative movement opposing the use of these technologies is also analyzed in detail. Self-directed evolution, anti-aging therapies, radical life extension, human enhancement, human-machine and human-animal hybrids, cloning, cryonic suspension, stem cells research, robotics, artificial intelligence, mind uploading, and the singularity are just some of the topics addressed by the author. All these technologies and phenomena – already existing or just predicted – are examined in their political, social, historical and philosophical dimensions. In the last chapters, moving from a descriptive perspective to a normative one, the author argues in favor of posthuman transformation, and especially for the necessity to permit the widest possible access to all technologies leading to posthuman transformation.

Author: Riccardo Campa
Publisher: Sestante Edizioni (Bergamo, Italy)
Year: 2010
Pages: 310
ISBN: 978-88-96333-28-0


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