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Everything Will Be Alright Episode 5
Jamais Cascio   Feb 19, 2014   CM Films  

IEET Fellow Jamais Cascio discusses "climate change, energy production, and his belief that the smart phone is the AK-47 of the 21st Century." Published Jan 14, 2014.

Cascio on this video: "A couple of years ago, Christian Moran interviewed me for a series of short films he planned to make, focusing on reasons for optimism. That film series is now available at his website, and it's a decent variety of people grappling with big ideas from different perspectives. Technologists, scientists, journalists, artists, doctors… and me. The half-hour interview may be one of the best ones I've done, in terms of how well the ideas I'm trying to articulate come across."

"A few caveats, though. Christian was really taken with a somewhat offhand comment I made in the course of the conversation and highlights it in his introduction; fortunately, it's not made the focus of the video. Also, remember that it was recorded in mid-2012, so if there's an obvious reference that I'm not including (e.g., Snowden stuff), that's why. Finally, I really need not to slouch, especially when I wear t-shirts and jackets.

* And yes, I know "alright" isn't grammatically correct, but it's his movie series and he can name it what he wants."


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