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Scenes from Six Degrees
Feb 15, 2008  

Jamais was on National Geographic TV talking about cheeseburgers and how we can fix the planet. Check it out!


Jamais writes: So, that’s me on teevee, talking about global warming. It’s actually from a scene late in Six Degrees where I argue that “we have an arsenal of solutions available to us.” Just trying to keep on the positive.

I finally got to see the program today, and I was amused and startled to discover that they included a stunt double of me taking a bite out of a cheeseburger. I had told them at the outset that I didn’t want to eat a cheeseburger on camera—it seemed a bit hypocritical. I guess they wanted the scene enough to do it as an “insert,” using someone else who looked enough like me in a very quick edge-of-the-scene profile to make it work. TV producers use inserts to show a close-up of a character doing a bit of business, such as fiddling with keys; more often than not, the person on camera is not the real actor, but some intern or production assistant or visitor pulled in to help out.

More pictures (including the infamous “latex glove” scene and getting a freezer door slammed in my face) in the extended entry.






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