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What is Geoengineering?
Jamais Cascio   Jun 13, 2009   FreedomLab  

Jamais was interviewed on geoengineering by the Dutch group FreedomLab.

Here’s the first clip What is Geoengineering?:


What is Geoengineering? from Jamais Cascio on Vimeo.

Four more videos—The Geoengineering Dilemma, The Political Aspects of Geoengineering, Catastrophe or Radical Action?, and The Anthropocene and Human Responsibility—below the fold.


Terraforming is very interesting, and it may be our first steps towards reaching Michio Kaku's type 1 civilization. Yet I cant help but to think that our current earthly problems are nothing compared to what is going on with the sun. We're going through an extreme solar minimum right now.

All sorts of movies come to mind which depict humanity all binding together to fix a problem with the sun. It saddens me to think that it will take an existential risk for us to come together as one.
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