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A True Metal Band
Compressorhead   Jan 8, 2013   mkernschrott  

“Together, these three frankly scary looking ‘bots form Compressorhead (unfortunately, Machine Head was already taken), programmed to perform covers of heavy metal classics. They’ve quickly earned the title of the world’s heaviest metal cover band; altogether, the trio weigh a hefty total of around six tonnes. On January 3rd, footage of the trio rehearsing Motörhead’s seminal ‘Ace of Spades’ hit YouTube and in four days was viewed over a million times.This was the first time that Compressorhead had ever been seen performing together, but there was no doubt that these machines could put on a show and seriously play. Up until now, the German-built three-piece band hasn’t actually played a proper gig yet, but are set to be wheeled onto the hopefully well-supported stages at Big Day Out later this month.” -


“Looks like Skynet has different plans. This robots are playing on instruments instead of enslaving humanity. Robots playing ace of spades by Motorhead. See more at WWW.COMPRESSORHEADBAND.COM
Original video: watch?v=3RBSkq-_St8 with respect to designers!
Robot band plays ace of spades. Metal band.
Compressorhead Ace of Spades.” - tejulaify

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