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Home-Centered Health Care

Mike Magee is author of eight books, including Health Politics: Power, Populism and Health. He directs, and serves as a member of the National Commission for Quality Long Term Care.  We discuss his latest book, Home-Centered Health Care, which argues that the quality of health care can be dramatically improved, and costs contained, by re-building health management around electronic patient records and home-based electronic medical monitoring.

Dr. Magee.
Thank you again for this fantasitic vision of "home centered health". It is by my standards one of the newest methods of reducing cost and increasing care service for people who may need to go to hospitals but can be given medical directives from home technology.

As Chaplain visiting many homes to provide pastoral-care services. I've witness many situation in the home where technology could be used effectively.

We met and spoke to each other at the ADAP conference this past month in Ft. Lauderdale. I should like to know more about this much needed interesting vision, and identify manufacturers who are interested in marketing these visionary products. As a veteran and in contact with VA Administrations aound the nation. I will be more than honored to market this services to Veterans Administration, medical facilities, clinics and hospitals.

Let me here rom you regarding this idea.. Happy holidays for you and your family.
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