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KMO on Singularity and the End of Oil
KMO   Jun 1, 2008   Changesurfer Radio  

KMO produces the psychedelic transhumanist and End of Oil “C-Realm” podcast. We talk about ‘shrooms, the Singularity and gardening. Also includes Jonathan Coulton’s song “De-Evolving” care of the Podsafe Music Network.  [MP3]

As a young teen who was an atheist, rationalist, materialist, and reductionist, my experiences experimenting with psychedelic drugs did nothing but reinforce these positions. Taking these "drugs" demonstrated to me how the interpretation of external reality is contingent upon the physical arrangement of neurons in the brain. It also shows how the brain can easily be fooled into being overconfident about non-deterministic realities, whereas experiments strongly support a deterministic reality. The fact that human conscious is occasionally cited as the only exception from deterministic reality is actually indicative that consciousness is just the last holdout of deterministic explanation.
Could you please update your podcast feed? I subscribed but there are only 10 episodes on there, the most recent being 23/03/2008: Gender, Space and Eviction.
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