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Conceding to the Right on Healthcare Reform
Dr. J.   Aug 15, 2009   Changesurfer Radio  

In which Dr. J. issues a formal concession to the right-wing-nuts that progressives have removed mandatory euthanasia, nationalizing hospitals, etc. from reform proposals. Also the cost-effectiveness of anti-aging therapies, and life happiness and wisdom increase with age. (MP3)

I think the Daily Kos did a great job in dismissing the illegitimate concerns Republicans have of the new healthcare plan. Unfortunately, I think they failed to address the Republicans' legitimate concerns.

I'm also finding it hard to go along with President Obama's plan when A) he seems to just now realize that universal health care is not the same as single payer health care, and B) he says in a video that he was never for single payer health care, but there's an older video where he clearly said he was. (The two videos can be seen here: (Although this is an anti-Obama site, the videos seem legit. )
I'm hoping that no health care reform is passed, and America's health care costs rise to 25% of the GDP. The sooner America's economy is superseded by others the sooner we will see an end to America's violent hegemony around the globe.
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