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Gay Marriage and Global Transhumanism

Dr. J. chats with humor writer and IEET contributor Hank Pellissier, aka Hank Hyena, about gay marriage, global transhumanism and politics.


Hank is right, the tea party did start with a fund raising event for Ron Paul. I remember posting on the Ron Paul forums back in 2008 in support of it. Of course back then it had nothing to do with the hysterical nonsense it does now, which is why Paul has disowned it.
Gay marriage has become a political football-- as in California for instance; good for attorneys if no one else. However, gay marriage is important because IMO now that blacks can't be scapegoated as in the past (i.e. a black is POTUS) gays might very well take their place as scapegoats.
Sure, you visit progressive bubble communities and there is substantial acceptance of gays-- but not acceptance from the majority. Many have a reaction similar to that of the characters in a certain Seinfeld episode:
"there's nothing wrong with being gay-- but I'm NOT gay."
The fact they want to emphasize they are not gay signifies their acceptance is perhaps much closer to tolerance than to genuine acceptance?
I was a little disappointed in this discussion, which I had high hopes for based on the title. I thought it would examine the intersection of "gay marriage and global transhumanism", but instead it treats them as independent movements, both linked by libertarianism and personal freedom, but completely separate unrelated things.

What happened to "Beyond the Gender Binary"? Actually, that paper shares the same skittishness about same-sex marriage, even as it explicitly talks about same-sex reproduction, it can't relate that to same-sex marriage because it is too busy declaring marriage a relic of the religious past.
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