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Becoming Gods pt2

Dr. J. chats with Terryl Givens, professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond and a scholar of Mormon theology. They discuss the doctrine of theosis, the Mormon Transhumanist Association, and the Mormon’s church’s position on women, homosexuality and race.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Great interview!
On the topic of theosis, the miracle of the loaves and fishes/feeding of the 5000 in the Christian gospels could be interpreted as a form of distributed divinity.

At the Last Supper, Jesus tells us that the bread is "my body". In the feeding of the 5000, the miracle occurs in the crowd, that is, Jesus does not continually redivide the bread, but that does occur in the crowd.

Such a reading would support divinity as a part of all of humanity.

IMHO, the miracles are exaggerated stories that help to show how God works in the world and our lives.
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