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Will Enlightened Posthumans Establish Post-Capitalist Utopias? pt2

Dr. J. chats with IEET contributing writers Kris Notaro and Andrew Cvercko about their working out of the connections between philosophy of the mind, Buddhism, radical politics and transhuman possibilities. (Recorded in a closet-sized studio with a reggae party rocking next door. But legible.) Part 2 of 2.

Correction: When I stated that Ray Kurzweil said that we can replace all our energy needs with 4 billion dollars, the amount may be off, in fact it may be hundreds of billions of dollars... but when we look at the cost of the Iraq war and our defense fund that is nothing.

In Transcendent Man Ray Kurzweil states that 3 billion dollars could reach all the water needs of Africa. He also says that we need to capture just 1 part of 10,000 of the sun light that falls to earth, so within the next 20 years we can meet all of our energy needs with nano-engineered solar power panels.
I would also like to note that during the Globalization Movement (which is still going on all around the world) we were very concerned with the imperial war efforts of the West, especially that of the United States. We were also very critical of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, and the sanctions put on Iraq during that time. In one sentence you would here people talk about Nike sweatshops to the Zapatistas to Palestinians uprisings. The Left in this country continues to this day to talk about such things, but the momentum against war (before the Iraq war) slowed down. Confusing?

Well what happened was that everyone in the Globalization Movement had to put their attention towards the Afghan War and the Iraq War because they had so much experience in organizing. The lower class of this country (the U.S.) continues to struggle to find food to put on the table, as they did during the Globalization Movement. Today we still have wars going on, costing billions of dollars, and the working/lower class continues to struggle with a staggering unemployment rate.

The sweatshops and wars need to end now, and I believe this can happen only through further mobilizations and actions against our imperial military industrial complex along with protesting large corporations exploiting the working class here and abroad.
Yes, and keep dynasticists (Bush comes to mind) out of power even if we have to be extremely hostile to them to do so; unfortunately, the world is not a debating society, in real-time people are shockingly power-oriented.
Dynasties are for JR Ewing.
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