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The Future of Democratic Equality pt2

Dr. J. chats with Joseph Schwartz, Professor of Political Science at Temple University and author of The Future of Democratic Equality: Reconstructing Social Solidarity in a Fragmented United States. Prof. Schwartz is a long-time leader in the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest American socialist organization. Part 2 of 2.

Dr. Schwartz gets to the heart of political matters, "fragmented" it goes without saying is the operative word. I asked a Socialist Party candidate for president if America's progressives are too factionalized; she replied,

"splinters, not factions!"

And that was 15 years ago. At any rate, it isn't unfair or ungrateful to discuss inequality, we are not Marxist-Leninists agitating for a classless world; we want more equality under the law, for instance. We want to prevent as much as possible poverty delinking LDCs from DCs: a have-not nation in an age of proliferating WMDs is something to not only be concerned about, but also worried. Ms. Costas in her fine piece got to the heart of it as well, medieval emotions and all the rest of it. All the articles are worthy IMO, yet as we can't fail to see, so many disagree with us that even here at a technoprogressive site commenters diss both progressivism and technoprogressivism on a fairly regular basis-- apparently they think if they put enough pressure we will cave in. Perhaps some religious commenters think that if the world is going to end we have nothing to lose and might as well accept God even if there is no such thing as an afterlife!
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