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What is Character? pt1

Dr. J. chats with Christian Miller, Professor of Philosophy and Director of The Character Project at Wake Forest University. They discuss the idea of virtue and moral character and its relationship to moral philosophy, personality theory, religion and neuroscience. Part 1 of 2.

Long as we can admit corruption is trickle-down and will remain so; doesn't matter how we try to build character, the majority of people will continue to climb the ladder, stepping on others on the way up-- and leaving a trail of social wreckage dropping down to the bottom.
We can discuss these matters, can't we? don't know about other nations, however in America we can upgrade the discussion of social issues so, though naturally not nearly as objective as science, it is much better than the deplorable state it is today.
Am I pessimistic? no, am quite pleased the last decade's interregnum is over. Now we can cease the social-talk gobbledygook.
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