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Annalee Newitz   Dec 26, 2009   Bloggingheads  

Science Saturday: Visions of the Future

Cataloging stuff white people like before it was cool (02:30)
The hidden meaning of zombies (03:39)
The ever-changing apocalypse (04:29)
A puzzle about culture analysis (02:08)
Is science fiction gaining cultural market share? (03:09)
The posthuman in pop culture (10:36)

Really enjoyable and zesty discussion. Thanks!

What James calls 'posthumanism' is what I'd call 'critical posthumanism'.

It's worth distinguishing critical posthumanism - which is concerned with the cultural/technological deconstruction of anthropocentrism - from what I tend to call 'speculative posthumanism' (SP), which is concerned with the possibility that descendants of current humans might cease to be human by virtue of their augmentation history.

Scenarios like the Vinges' technological singularity help us distinguish the idea of ceasing to be human from the mere enhancement of existing capacities.

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