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Sorry ladies, the male birth control pill is not about you
George Dvorsky   May 1, 2008   Sentient Developments  

There’s been considerable media attention surrounding a recent breakthrough in the development of a male birth-control pill (MBCP).

Fact of the matter is that it’s still about 5 to 10 years away. It’s taking forever for a men’s pill to come to market.



What’s taking so long?

Well, the issue is not as simple as it might first appear. Sure, there are still some technical hurdles to overcome, but the delay in developing a MBCP has definite political, economic and even discriminatory aspects to it.

Barriers to entry do in fact exist for the male pill—disempowering barriers that men should most certainly be aware of—including those set up by sexist women who belittle male reproductive accountability, unfair gender biases, self-serving feminists who refuse to relinquish reproductive power, and a risk averse Big Pharma.

And men themselves are also to blame. Far too many guys have gotten comfortable over the idea that birth-control pills are exclusive to women. Most men have not yet realized the implications of having access to a pill of their own.

Consequently (and quite disturbingly), conversations about the male pill have migrated outside the sphere of male interests. Women tend to frame the issue as it pertains to their concerns and their needs, while politicians and pharmaceutical companies neglect the issue, unsure as to what it means to them.

Ultimately, however, this is about men. It’s about men gaining fair and equal access to a powerful contraceptive that will finally allow them to have the same control over their reproductive processes as women—an outcome that will greatly benefit male interests.

How the male pill works

An international consortium of physicians recently revealed a formula for “safe, effective and reversible” hormonal contraception for males.

The breakthrough involves progestin, which is found in women’s birth-control pills and the male sex hormone testosterone. Progestin helps suppress ovulation when used in an oral contraceptive and it appears to function in the same way for men, suppressing the rate and extent of sperm production. The developers claim that this contraceptive will be as effective as a vasectomy.

Men will have to take the pill for about 2 to 3 months to deplete their sperm. It will take a similar amount of time to restore normal levels of fertility once off the pill.

Bring it

For the most part, both men and women appear to be in favor of the MBCP.

Trouble is, most men and women don’t truly understand why it’s so important. Particularly women.

Now, I don’t mean to begrudge women their reasons for welcoming the male pill. It’s all good.

I think it’s great that couples will finally be able to share the burden of birth control.

And it will undoubtedly be a welcome alternative for those women who cannot take the pill or other contraceptives (of which there are many).

There’s also the issue of accessibility. A 2004 report from the Reproductive Health Technologies Project calls contraceptive availability an “unfinished revolution.” Indeed, we need more contraception and more options.

But this is fundamentally an issue of male reproductive control

This is a male issue about male reproduction.

And all that it entails.

The pill will resolve a number problems that men typically face.

It will be dramatically less invasive and severe than a vasectomy—a procedure that can be reversed, but one that’s quite involved and not always possible.

The male pill will also prove to be much more reliable than condoms or withdrawal which can have worst-case failure rates of 15 and 27 percent respectively (!!!).

Also, the male pill will have a profound sociological impact similar to what happened after the advent of the female birth-control pill. This will prove to be a seminal event as far as the men’s movement is concerned.

In fact, a strong case can be made that the delay in the male pill has been caused by an underdeveloped male social movement. The sense of urgency to develop a MBCP has been quelled by the dissenters and the disconnected. Men need to be aware of those forces that work to prevent the advent of not just the male pill, but a cohesive and powerful men’s rights movement itself.

Negative male stereotyping

The possibility of a male pill has caused a number of women to pause and reflect on the implications.

Should a woman believe a guy who says, “Trust me, baby, I’m on the pill.”?

Most women would likely say no. It’s doubtful that women would put faith in men to stick to a strict schedule of birth-control pill popping. Men are supposed to be untrustworthy and irresponsible, right? After all, they’re not the ones who would have to deal with a pregnancy.

Aside from what this says about negative male stereotyping, this complaint neglects three fundamental issues.

First, people must take control over their own reproductive processes and not rely on the other person. This goes for both men and women. The MBCP will finally help men know for certain that they have virtually no chance of impregnating a partner.

Which immediately brings to mind the problem of trust that many men are confronted with today. Should men trust women when they make the same claim? How many times has a man been duped into fatherhood by an opportunistic woman?

Well, according to a Cornell University study, over a million American births each year result from pregnancies which men did not intend. What does this say about female reproductive accountability?

The male pill, will at the very least, help men avoid this risk.

Second, the MBCP strictly deals with contraception. It will do nothing to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The advent of a male pill will not eliminate the need to wear a condom as far as STDs are concerned. 

And third, most men do in fact deal with a pregnancy and the introduction of an unexpected child—be it parental or fiscal responsibilities. There are more accountable single dads who have joint custody of their children than ever before in history.

An unwelcome power shift

As Glenn Sacks has said, “Power is the reward which comes with responsibility.”

Indeed, because women have had to bear the burden of contraception, they have gained control over an integral component of human life, namely reproduction. The MBCP threatens to wrest that control from women to men.

Quite understandably, some feminists are concerned about this possibility.

And, I’m sorry to say, that’s too bad.

Men are currently at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the choice of reproduction—but this is now set to change.

As an example, according to the 2004 National Scruples and Lies Survey (which polled 5,000 women in the United Kingdom), 42% of women claimed they would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, regardless of the wishes of their partners.


Other evidence suggests that over 10% of children turn out not to be the offspring of the expected father when DNA tests are done, suggesting that many men obliviously help in the raising of children who are not actually theirs.

This is no laughing matter. Child support rates are increasing, with some fathers giving their ex’s as much as 15 to 25% of their take home pay per child. And it’s widely known that fathers are second class citizens in the courts. For example, in some U.S. states a father cannot present DNA evidence to disprove paternity.

For those men who truly don’t want to have children—something that is completely within their rights—the MBCP will help them achieve that level of control.

And again, female claims that this will allow men to forever shirk their paternal responsibilities and live in perpetual adolescence are not just gross generalizations, but sexist statements of the highest order.

The Man is holding men down

Quite surprisingly, Big Pharma has dragged their feet in developing the MBCP. Despite over 20 years of research, they claim that there’s little money to be made.

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons that the pharmaceutical firms Bayer and Organon abandoned their male pill programs last year.

This is because men are not demanding it

Men are clearly not showing Big Pharma that they want a male pill.

Research shows that most males are not ready for personal birth control. A recent MSN-Zogby poll revealed that only 14% of Americans would definitely take it or insist that their partner take it. And tellingly, the study indicated that women are slightly more excited about the prospect than men.

While at the same time other studies show that men do in fact want alternative contraception options.

What’s going on here, guys?

Perhaps confusion has something to do with it. There’s a very underdeveloped sense of a male collective consciousness. It appears that men, for the most part, don’t yet realize the importance of reproductive control—something women have, for obvious reasons, been very aware of for quite some time now.

Some men, for example, dismiss the male pill on account of their fear that it would transgress their masculinity.

This is exactly the mentality that has to be abandoned and replaced by some more forward thinking ideas that will work help equalize not just reproductive options, but other gender issues that set men at a disadvantage or limit biological potential.

Times they are a changin’

Perhaps I’m understating the fact that 14% of men are ready to use the pill. That’s a significant number unto itself. Maybe it’s a positive sign that attitudes are changing and that broader acceptance is on its way.

In all likelihood, demand will probably increase once the pill is finally made available. It will become real for men once it becomes a real option.

And hopefully it will wake men up to the possibilities. Issues of gender, sexuality and reproduction are not just women’s issues. They’re a vital element of the collective human condition.

George P. Dvorsky serves as Chair of the IEET Board of Directors and also heads our Rights of Non-Human Persons program. He is a Canadian futurist, science writer, and bioethicist. He is a contributing editor at io9 — where he writes about science, culture, and futurism — and producer of the Sentient Developments blog and podcast. He served for two terms at Humanity+ (formerly the World Transhumanist Association). George produces Sentient Developments blog and podcast.


I found his article a bit condescending where he implies that men will claim to be on the pill, but not, or that they can’t remember to take it.  Women have been doing this with their pill for years.  In addition, women have gotten more entitlements for contraceptive failure including abortion and even legal abandonment while men’s legal rights in challenging paternity suits have been constricted.

Recently, Father’s Rights Advocate Jeffery Leving participated in an interesting panel on CBC Radio about the male birth control pill and patch. The radio show, called The Current, is archived on their website. Listen to it at:

Whether women trust guys to take this is all but irrelevant: there is absolutely nothing that prevents them from continuing to take their own pill entirely independently of the guy’s decision. What is more, if both partners are using a birth control method with a success rate in the high ninety percents, the chance of unplanned pregnancy is effectively nil.

Most commenters however miss the critical point here: this pill derives its power precisely BECAUSE women will be unable to tell whether their partners are taking it. By providing guys with a reliable, non-surgical way to shield the state of their fertility from their partners - something women have been able to do themselves since the pill was invented - men will be able to refuse to have children except on terms they agree with. Furthermore, women will have no way of knowing whether they can do any better by switching partners. This is THE pivotal issue in gender relations. Everything flows from this and combined with ticking biological clocks it will force a renegotiation of the entire inter-gender construct. For that reason feminists will fight tooth and nail to obstruct/halt research.

If such obstruction fails, the effects will be most keenly felt beyond the US as the US will be shielded in the short and medium term by its excess of military power, the Christianity of many of its immigrants and its relative geographical isolation. Elsewhere, with men refusing to have children, women will be forced to make concessions or risk being over-run by rapidly-reproducing Muslims seeking to introduce Sharia. They will, so-to-speak, be stuck between a rock and a hard thing.

You covered nearly everything in the article. Good. However, I think the media is more to blame than so-called feminists when it comes to barriers. That is, the media go looking for a cheap laugh as they so often do, so regarding that subject, they interview women, who say, “I wouldn’t trust him!” rather than interviewing, say, divorced men. Besides, if the average famous self-described feminist thought men shouldn’t be allowed to control their own fertility, wouldn’t more than 1 out of 100 female interviewees also say that without any prompting, instead of the above quote? I.e., very few famous feminists want to block the arrival of male contraception, IMHO. (I’m guessing fewer women than that actually say that men shouldn’t have the right to male contraception.)

As you mentioned, men aren’t exactly helping their own interests right now. Especially when one compares the attention given to this issue and the amount of time, money and energy men’s activists have previously spent on unmarried men who want the right not to feed and clothe their unwanted children. As Katha Pollitt pointed out in “The Nation” in Dec. 1998, if we accepted such an argument, every unmarried man could claim his girlfriend tricked him and therefore he shouldn’t have to pay child support. (And taxpayers would end up supporting the children instead.)

Here’s a good paragraph from her article:

“In the quest to control their fertility, women have demonstrated in the millions, gone to jail, jammed the polls, put up with the side effects and health damage, and even died. They pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket every year for contraception and abortion, and donate millions of dollars and volunteer hours to Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other groups. How many of the men complaining that women have all the reproductive options have written a letter, given a dollar, joined a group, marched or demonstrated to get some for themselves? Every
disease and condition in the country has its advocacy organization; where is the big fertile-male campaign to forward the development of a male pill or a reversible vasectomy? Is male-controlled contraception at the top of the list of demands of any men’s rights group?”

Men DO need to take an interest in their own destiny, and not accept their lot as they have done. 
It seems that sufficient forced paternity stories have reached enough younger men now to cause a change in behavior.

Questions can be slanted to achieve an outcome. “Would you take a contraceptive pill if one were available?” is not really asking if the FUNCTIONALITY of a contraceptive is desired by men. 

Many men may not think of why this were agood thing without a bit of thought, denied by a simple question like the one above.

Let’s ask the question to our sample groups again . . .

Raise awareness with this question.
“Do you know of any men who became a father but was not ready?” Some will immediately think of their own fathers.

Then ask.

“Would you take a contraceptive pill to ensure you only became a father when you wanted to be a father?”

I believe the response will be a little more positive than a benign-sounding question.

Once the pill became available men, would start TALKING about how good it was not to worry - as women did - bank on it.

Reason? Men are the ones now ‘stuck’ with babies not agreed to.
Some go to jail for it.
‘Forced dads’ are overrepresented in suicide homeless statistics.
Now THERE’S an inconvenient truth to mull over.

I find this article biased and condescending.  Not only does the author gratuitously stereotype feminists, he suggests that these same feminists “trick” men to become pregnant.  George, please tell me what self respecting feminist told you that a male birth control pill takes away a woman’s reproductive right.  Im sure for every example you provide, I could find a thousand women denied emergency contraceptives, a thousand women struggling to pay for birth control, and a thousand women forced to rear children with no support (emotional or financial) from the father.  When avoiding pregnancy, women bear the most burden and the most consequence.  A male pill would be a boon to both sexes.  However, the lack of funding is not a result of these so called radical feminists, but of a much more complex mix of old-fashioned sexism and misogyny.

This is the first article I’ve read that addresses the rampant issue of male stereotyping and reverse sexism. Although I’m a woman, it’s pained me for years to hear male-bashing, which usually comes in the form of sexist (or what my husband calls “femoginist” because there is no wordly equivalent to misogynist) supposed “humor”—not unlike the old “blonde” jokes about women. I’ve wondered for ages when men were going to start speaking out against these wide-spread insults and biases. Good on you, Dvorsky! Hopefully you’re helping to pave the way to a future where feminism joins masculism to become equalism and the sexes actually are equal—what a concept!

A friend of mine recently broke up with his girlfriend when he discovered she had taken her desire to have a child to the point of covertly poking holes in their condoms.  Her friends see nothing wrong with the girlfriend sabotaging their birth control and have lined up against my friend, calling him childish, selfish and irresponsible. 

Imagine how the pill would shift that scenario and you’ll see how beneficial it will be, both for men and the half-wanted children who have to live in a home where lying and betrayal are acceptible ways to get what you want.  I say bring that pill on!

There’s no mysoginy in wanting EQUAL right to control paternity. I personally know several men who did not want children, whose wives ‘accidentally’ became pregnant and announced it as a fait accompli. They became quite good fathers IMO, but before their time and against their will. Three of them had this ‘accident’ twice. 

Alex, comparing western women to sadly impoverished people with NO control of ANY aspect of their lives is not a sensible, adult or indeed relevant argument against men having equal control of their own fertility.

As an example of feminists directing funds to themselves (plenty of influence in the health system), compare breast cancer with colon cancer.  Men’s death rate is slightly higher (but slower)  However, there’s grossly unequal focus and research funding (I have seen NO public funding for colon cancer even though it has been known about even longer than breast cancer). That is their divisiveness at work.

Witness also the removing of good fathers (mostly for no good reason) from children’s lives, by giving all financial and emotional power over the children to mums. A good example of trampling on the rights of others to unjustly receive privileges for themselves. 

So, why not ask the question of our sample groups, this time: “Do you know of any men who became a father but was not ready?”

Some will immediately think of their own fathers.

Then ask. : “Would you take a contraceptive pill to ensure you only became a father when you wanted to be a father?”

I believe you’ll see a resounding YES.

As evidence I refer to an article in a local paper that gaily heralded that more than 50% of women now chose not to marry.  It is not all their choice!  Boys are smarter than we were, and as men they currently develop the widely-criticised “fear of commitment” as a defence mechanism against the forced slavery of unwilling fatherhood. As for most women ‘chosing the single life’, what of the VERY frequently heard lament “where have all the good men gone”?  According to surveys, many, many men are on a forced slavery strike and will never marry becasue they fear the shattering effects of divorce on their children and themselves. 

Forced slavery, where an unwilling dad having been used as nothing more than a sperm bank, then transmogrifies into a walking 18 year-duration wallet who is openly vilified in front of his offspring.

Forced slavery, where a man may not benefit from the just rewards of his own labour. 

To blame ‘accidental’ pregnancy on men, is puerile in the extreme.  First class Orwellian 1984 material in fact!

This is the world feminism created, men now have to cope with the INequalities generated by the abject self interest displayed my many.

Pash, just so you know, there IS a well-known equivalent word to “misogynist.” It’s “misandrist.”

Mark Deutsch says: “As an example of feminists directing funds to themselves (plenty of influence in the health system), compare breast cancer with colon cancer. Men’s death rate is slightly higher (but slower) However, there’s grossly unequal focus and research funding (I have seen NO public funding for colon cancer even though it has been known about even longer than breast cancer). That is their divisiveness at work.”

Ya know, women didn’t used to have ANY influence in how medical research dollars got spent - UNTIL they stood up and demanded a vote in the matter! What exactly is stopping men from doing the same, unless it has to do with the problem of men refusing to see doctors at all? Also, come to think of it, women couldn’t even vote for the right to vote, once upon a time, but they didn’t let that stop them either. 

Just asking.

Yes, Misandry it is and misadnry is alive well.
As for men having some magical power to ‘vote for their own health”, great idea in a real democracy, but in the real world as it has now been twisted, impossible.
Much funding is diverted family assistance purposes and used for gender-discrimninatory purposes, including funding only women’s health issues, ‘educating’ judges and other covert gender-preferential treatment in many areas of life.
Of course, wherever there is a gender difference, that does not automatically PROVE discrimination.
Cars were once said to be a “boy’s club” because driving was “male dominated” . Sounds good on the surface , but the fact was, you had to be passionate and knowledgeable to trive early cars annd needed to have learned how to repair one.  There was NO discrimination then or now.
The workplace was once quite dangerous, workers were routinely killed on the job and paid work was mostly done by men.  Paid work is much easier now (for almost everybody).
One area where “Male advantage” can be shown is in financial wellbeing.  Feminists point out with glee that many of the CEOs and untra rich are men and rabbet on about a “glass ceiling”.
It is fact that the most dangerous jobs tend to pay best, and these are usually performed by . . .  tah-dah . . .  men!  It is asso true that demand for workers exceeds supply.  Safe, easy jobs pay less because worker supply exceeds demand.
Now if it was EQUALITY they really wanted, they would freely and publicly admit the fact that most homeless are also men, and THAT homeless men outnumber rich men by many thousands to one, tipping the balance completely the other way.
Better not let the truth get in the way of some good old-fashioned man bashing, eh?  Esepecially when it would sink an argument that on the surface seems ‘correct’. It is also fact that women who are prepared to sacrifice their family lives ARE running big coorporations.
As for “Ya know, women didn’t used to have ANY influence in how medical research dollars got spent - UNTIL they stood up and demanded a vote in the matter!” - In those days there WAS no gender based health research) other than patching up wounded men on the battlefield so they could shoot again.  Gender-based medical research had onmly occurred SINCE feminist power was abused.
Western women are easily the most pampered large human group in history, and with a relatively consequence-free life comes the expectation that the slaves keep quiet.  We will not, we have had enough of the travesty that so-called equality has become.
Imagine the outcry if good mothers were separated from their children for no good reason, and that the perpetrators hid behind what they called “The children’s best interests”. 
Dads are now standing up to this prolonged gender abuse.  Men no longer remain silent, waiting for real equality to arrive.  Better get used to it.

Thanks people! “My coffee has gone cold”
I never thought that there would be so many ramifications associated with the male pill. I only clicked on to the recent comments while I was listening to change surfer radio The Coming Convergence, and was blown away by the depth of thought expressed in the comments.
I’m glad you out there thinking about these issues and taking the time to post them and I’d just like to say thank you.

Now I can make another coffee and think about how I can add the issues around the male pill into an essay on. “Capitalist competition and self-interest over co-operation and mutual aid, implications of this when promoting social and economic sustainability.”


Its a good idea! Why wouldn’t a woman want more protection? Woman can be sure they won’t get pregnant if both partys are taking the pill! The woman has it for her own knowledge, the man has it for his and knowing that he wont have to pay the hoe half his paycheck for 18 years! it sounds great! and I think will help Moms feel safer with their Teenage boys running around. Everyone should be all for it! I don’t understand these feminist Nazis who want men to pay their bills!! If the woman has a problem believing the man maybe she shouldnt sleep with him without a condom….

“In those days there WAS no gender based health research…..”

I didn’t say there was. However, it IS safe to say that a centry ago, the Comstock laws prohibited the distribution of contraceptives, especially for women, so that would be a strong disincentive for medical researchers as well. Women knew they’d have to raise their own funds, protest, AND go to jail to get contraceptives for themselves and other women - and many did just that. Including Margaret Sanger.

Again, what is stopping men from fundraising and voicing their demands for the male BC they allegedly want so much?

Let’s see . . .
Preventing an untested substance that could (and DID) damage women’s fertility from being distributed - radical, discriminatory, self-serving!  Really?
“Let’s PERMANENTLY damage women so they can’t EVER have babies - they will thank us one day, like they did for thalidomide - an effort to make pregnancy more confortable that was DEMANDED BY (not forced on) women before it was tested.”
That mandate may have included a certain amount og the bibllical ‘go forth and multiply’ as the country nededs population
The mantra “we need more people” might not sound too bright right now.
However does it even remotely resemble the discrimination against males that lurks beneath the surface of much public policy, here and in the US fo A?  No, it does not.
In society today there is no longer stuff which happened to disadvantage women, there is cruel and systemic bias that is DESIGNED to harm
Presumably the peurile justification is to make men ‘pay’ for what was perpetrated on women (yes there were unpleasant things) - there was also supporting a woman for life, protecting her and housing her and raising a family together
The destruction of the value of family, replacing it with mother and child, harks back to prehistoric times, times when humans struggled for survival.  I’d prefer that my great-children did not have to repeat history, and that is possible.
Is this the last century of human mastery of the earth?
I haven’t seen anything that does not resemble an the apples vs. oranges comparison in most gender ‘comparisons’
The “men are richer” one is a classic case of Orwell’s doublespeak and doublethink.
A TACT - IE: it is a a lie, ignoring many relevant facts, disseminated as FACT.
Another TACT is the ‘glass ceiling’
Warren Farrel’s “The Myth of male power” and Esther Vilar’s “The manipulated man” make for eye-opening reading for anyone actually interested in FACT.
Warren was the president of National Organisation for Women - presumably until he woke up that feminism IS NOT about equality, it is about absolute power.

I forgot to address a point . . .
“Again, what is stopping men from fundraising and voicing their demands for the male BC they allegedly want so much?”
I certainly would prefer NOT to lose my means of supporting my family, however just the cause.
Have a look at protesters, many do NOT have dependent families.
It is not any inferiority, we are all to some degree what our situations dictate.  That is stronger when there’s family to support.
If Femocrats were the *slightest* bit interested in true equality and “enlightenment” (which they have disingenuously used as a cover in the pursuit of advantage) there’d be no need to protest as real issues would be systematically addressed.
Instead we see a relentless search to make scapegoats out of the target group, and make a case for discrimination, where there are simply often minor differences.
50 years in “enlightened times” (not the wild west) with birth control for ONE gender - fair? equal?

Mark Deutsch says: I forgot to address a point . . .——“Again, what is stopping men from fundraising and voicing their demands for the male BC they allegedly want so much?”——I certainly would prefer NOT to lose my means of supporting my family, however just the cause.——Have a look at protesters, many do NOT have dependent families.——It is not any inferiority, we are all to some degree what our situations dictate. That is stronger when there’s family to support (end of Mark’s excerpt). I don’t know why you’re convinced YOU would have to be among the ones to make such a sacrifice - or why it would happen to any man in the first place, since the Comstock laws are no longer in effect. If you still feel precautions are necessary, you can write an anonymous letter to your congressman. You could also make anonymous monetary donations to causes you truly believe in. You can pass on online petitions to those who don’t mind signing with their real names. You can urge other men to protest publicly if you feel you can’t. The list goes on. Besides, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a huge, conservative-based, anti-contraception movement going on, which means adult WOMEN may soon not have easy access to contraception they WANT to use and that YOU want them to use! You’d better help out soon if you don’t want unwanted parenthood hanging over everyone’s head. If there’s any official, organized group that would like to put condoms back behind the pharmacy counter and stop new methods of BC from becoming available, I think it’s safe to say it’s the anti-feminist conservatives I hinted at. Let’s get moving and stop them.

Oh, and I forgot to add, regarding “Femocrats”: If only women ask for better male BC methods, how likely are the U.S. pharmaceutical companies to believe that men are really going to buy and use them? It’s all about profit. There’s no getting around that. In other words, don’t expect a supply without a visible demand from the actual consumers - men. (One other discreet tactic men can use is, they can tell their doctors what they want and ask THEM to start petitions. That way the patients can stay anonymous. But I really doubt more than 5% of male petitioners - if that - are going to suffer serious financial consequences for demanding better male BC - unless they work for an anti-contraception organization in the first place!)

I think male birth control is a serious issue that needs to be addressed asap. Men and Women have waited to long for more than just condoms or the grueling task of female birth control and its controversal side affects. This will be big, and it needs to happen now!

My father could have benefited greatly from a MBCP. I’m here because he was suckered into coming back when he heard the words, ‘You can’t leave me; I’m pregnant!” My very life is a testimony to the existence of despicable women who use pregnancy to trap a wallet rather than dare to be independent. A MBCP would alleviate a lot of those situations. Why not empower men to actually take control over their own reproductive functions instead of relying on condoms and partners who won’t poke holes in them? Feminist women expect no less for ourselves. George, I’m a raging, foaming-at-the-mouth feminist who believes this pill needs to be made available ASAP. There’s nothing wrong with equality between the sexes. It’s what we’ve been working for all along…...............................................

My ex once told me that many men - including himself - just take it for granted that their female partners will be the ones taking care of contraception. Upon finding out I had gotten an IUD inserted, he was slightly hurt that I hadn’t asked him his opinion about it. I told him that, quite frankly, it wasn’t his body, career, and possibly life at stake should my Pill fail. Then I asked him why, if he simply assumed I would take care of birth control, did he think he was entitled to an opinion on the methods I chose. He couldn’t answer that. (This is symptomatic of why he is now an ex.) Perhaps men haven’t made a more vocal demand for their own BCP is because they, like my ex, have fallen into a laziness whereby they assume that since women will be the ones dealing with the burden of an unplanned pregnancy, they assume that women will be the ones most concerned with contraception. Just a theory based on my own personal experience.

I forgot to mention, we are in a very dangerous world with extreme views including, Islam. I have a few Friends that came home from Iraq and lost limbs. What was waiting for them? A loving wife who divorced them, took the children, took half of their meager disability benefits.
  There are servicemen converting to Islam that have no fear of dying. these men have also screwed over royally by the system. If we are to keep a fair system, we have to give men equal right as woman do.
INCLUDING shared parenting. because of my x’s care of the children, they have do deal with their abuse and neglect from their mother.
If I did what my x did to the children, I would have been put in jail.

These comments are full of too much fail to coherently address, so I’ll just make a bullet list:

- if you’re ranting on about dirty “feminists” and how they ruin the lives of men and discriminate and make life impossible for poor defenseless men OR you’re a woman endlessly crying about how men keep you down and ruin women’s lives, you’re biased. EITHER WAY. And you’re wrong.  The truth is in between.

- New vasectomies that are accomplished with a plastic clip instead of surgery are completely reversible, relatively minor, and available now.

- I’m a feminist and it’s ludicrous to say that I oppose male birth control. Even this article said that women were more enthusiastic about it than men are.  Probably because many women have taken the pill and know just how awful taking it can be.

- Yes, women do “oops” men, lying to get pregnant. This is morally abhorrent and unacceptable no matter who does it. Claims here that all women think this is just fine are completely false. Furthermore, men do the same thing - messing with a woman’s pills, holes in the condoms or diaphragm, etc.  Just because it’s less common or less known doesn’t make it any better.  This is NOT a man/woman issue, this is a want kids/don’t want kids issue.  Statistically the scenario of women wants kids/men doesn’t happens more often, but that does not make it something inherent to women or a moral lapse in women.  I’ve been the female who didn’t want kids being endlessly hounded by a partner that did on several occasions.

- If women aren’t ready to automatically trust a man 100% when he claims to be on the pill, that just makes them smart.  That a man will blindly trust a woman who says she’s on the pill despite the prevalence of oops-ing makes him a sucker or idiot.  Again, if you really know you don’t want a kid, it’s up to you to take responsibility for being sure that you don’t.  If you’re sleeping with people you can’t trust this is doubly so! If you accidentally get a girl pregnant, I have sympathy but that doesn’t make it my fault (as a feminist it seems like all of this is somehow my fault).

- The most vehement feminist I know was worried about these issues about seven years ago.  We had a mutual friend who accidentally fathered a child at 18 with a girl who lied about being on BCP.  We both took home the lesson, and the aforementioned feminist decided to take responsibility for his life and got a vasectomy.

Oh yeah, feminists can be males, did anyone here even know that?  The best part is, years later when I realized that I was in love with him, I could finally stop taking the oral birth control that gave me daily headaches because he had permanently solved our contraception problem.

I think male birth control pill is a perfect idea! I as one of the thousands maybe millions of women who cannot take birth control, this is so ideal. I really wish it would come through.

“Well, according to a Cornell University study, over a million American births each year result from pregnancies which men did not intend. What does this say about female reproductive accountability? “

More importantly, what does it say about MALE accountability.  Men didn’t “intend”?  Was it too much to ask for them to carry a .99 cent condom with them?

Condoms are not foolproof. 

For evidence read the packet instructions some time.
You will find words to the effect “This product MAY prevent pregnancy”. (0n the packet I am reading NOW).

I have a few acquaintances that were ‘caught’ by such failure, and some where the pill “didn’t work, sorry honey”, accountability is little more than a convenient excuse, trotted out by the blamer set.  Like that Obama, having the HIDE to attribute fatherlessness to men.  Wonder what his mama sais about dad, and what the reality was. 

Maternal gatekeepers habitually make life very difficult for any well-intentioned dad (even the still married ones as I know).  In the end, many can’t stand the pain caused to them (and the children) by having the children used as a tactical weapon, deceived, lied to treated like cannon fodder.
These easily substantiated matters are often conveniently ignored in these debates.
I’ve seen tears in the eyes of many a dad who wants to be more than a sperm bank before the fact, and an easily criticised walking wallet, after the fact.
Responsibility is a two way street, not just an irrational and emotional dumping ground to highlight the failings of another.

Anyway, I for one will happily, (and religiously) take such a contraceptive. 

If researchers would be direct enough to a less vague question than surveys have asked; questions like: “Would YOU pay for and take a contraceptive to avoid being forced into fatherhood?” it will make a mockery of the “there’s no demand” mantra, a complete mockery.

Keep the research up folks, you WILL be rewarded with sales, with minimal advertising costs - as long as it works.

Yep, SPEND the same loot that on men that gave women THEIR sexual freedom, and give EQUALITY to the question of procreation.

50 years! Men have waited long enough!

It’s too late for me but I want my teenage sons to have control over their firtility. I don’t want them turning into slaves because they had sex. Persued for money by a vindictive state and accused of child abuse by a deranged and psychotic ex seeking personal advantage. The worst possible reproductive scenario for a man is very, very bad and we therefore desperately need to control who has access to our sperms and what they do with them. There is oversupply in the sperm market and that makes men of no value. Merely interchangeble and expendable paying machines where the emotional blackmail of access to children is routinely used to force conformity and submission to a patently vindictive and exploitative regime.

I’m the mother of a 17 month old son.  Due to forces beyond my control, I had my son later in life (40 yrs of age).  I am glad he came later as me and his father are more prepared both financially, maturity and emotionally for a child’s demands and needs.  I wish the same for him.

I remember my teenage years when I wasn’t as responsible as I should have been regarding birth control.  I’m not suggesting that a teenage boy would have been more responsible.  Kids are kids.

But as a parent I hope that giving males the ability to manage their reproduction ability will decrease unwanted teenage pregnancy’s.  And as a adamate supporter of human rights, equal is equal.  Women have had the ability to manage their reproduction for some time.  It’s now time to give that same ability to the males.

i’d be willing to buy stock in the company developing this.

I’m a feminist and I think the author has a good point about men taking control of their reproductive rights. You definitely can’t expect all people to be honest in all things and this goes for women as well.
How do you know if your girlfriend has stopped taking the pill? I would definitely be capable of lying about it and so is everyone else.
Men have the right to demand protection for themselves and to assert their reproductive rights.

I am… wildly confused. I don’t see how feminists are getting in the way of producing a male BC pill, and find this a strange and hurtful conviction (and what is meant by “feminists?” who? what? where? what branch of feminisms? Don’t generalize, this is dangerous.)
I just can’t imagine the arguement of an informed, intelligent women against this product. It actually seems more of something I would expect from the religous right… not from the (usually) more liberal feminist societies…

Not all feminists are liberal.  .——-
Read “Who stole Feminism” and other exposes, exposes that have resulted in death threats against the author - simply for telling like it is.
I was a feminist supporter for years -  until I saw how truth was bent to gain advantage, statistics skewed and ‘studies’ done to prove the illogical and untrue, on which many laws have been changed to REDUCE liberty.
It has made a mockery of the cries of “Equality!” .
The sooner men can avoid becoming a ‘surprise’ daddy, the better - a step toward equality.

And Mark - along with everyone else - has yet to name a single well-known feminist who opposes better male birth control. As I implied upthread on May 4th, staunch lefty feminist Katha Pollitt, for one, would very much SUPPORT better MBC.


One thing we’re all forgetting is that due to STDs, single men are under a lot of pressure to use condoms until they’re practically engaged, and no one (especially fathers of teen girls) really wants that pressure to stop. (How many men are going to use TWO male methods at once?) Also, married men tend to trust their wives - and many wives will BEG their husbands to use the new methods since many women can’t use the Pill.


Bottom line? The majority of men who will be using the new MBC methods without any prompting will be rich celebrities - and the majority of angry women will be their loser groupies. Not normal women. (Unfortunately, gullible teen girls who DON’T want to get pregnant will be very much at risk, for obvious reasons, which is why their fathers may not be too happy to see new MBC methods become available.)


P.S. Again, until men’s activists are willing to go outside the Internet and onto TV and demand funding and access to MBC (and the current economy would be a great excuse to say “my wife and I can’t afford more babies right now! We need more new contraceptive backups!”) Big Pharma has every reason to believe that the market just isn’t big enough to bother with. As things are right now, sadly, it’s far easier to name the men who go on TV to demand the right to abandon their unwanted children than it is to name the men who go on TV for the former cause - because there aren’t any.

Why wouldn’t feminists welcome the advent of male birth control? It shifts some of the burden of birth control away from women. It’s a win-win for both sexes - men get more control over their fertility while women get some of the responsibility of birth control lifted from them. The pill and IUDs have all sorts of side effects. I’m not interested in going on the pill while my menstrual cycle is perfectly all right. Why do that when I can make a guy use a condom? Meanwhile, I can abstain altogether during my fertile days, and use condoms the rest of the time. Why mess with my innards? If a guy were willing to take the male pill for me, or get RISUG or a vasectomy, I’d be thrilled! I’d consider that an act of love, and I’m spared from messing with my own body.
My concern is that men won’t be willing to do anything that might undermine their virility in their view. “No way am I letting scalpels or needles near my boys!” You’ll have to dispel the notion that male forms of birth control somehow undermine virility and reframe it as an issue of letting men take control of their own fertility. You’re on to something there. Meanwhile, I’ll try not to get offended by the anti-feminist rhetoric.

Feminists have mixed feelings - hence the TITLE of this piece, and the reason for it.
On the one hand they don’t have to “mess with their bodies”  On the other their ABSOLUTE power over men by totally (and sometimes ruthlessly) controlling fertility of the COUPLE vanishes.
Your language: “MAKE a guy use a condom” says it all.
A woman’s fertility is a great asset, and it can generate a great deal of income if the right guy is tricked into fatherhood.  History PROVED that statement, so no use denying it.
This pill destroys the unfair advantage that so many women have been “educated” to think is their birthright.
The debate in question simply offers yet another opportunity for man bashing - their favourite pastime.
For an overt example of what feminists are up to - see here - it ain’t about equality.  Never was.
And here -
In the book described this woman has researched (no not some feminist “think” tank, real research).
She has written on aspects of just how that power is abused when ONE party has absolute control.
About 80% of divorces world wide are initiated by women. 
Often under false pretenses, and always on the expectation of profiting handsomely.
I urge all men to read books like it with their partners and have a frank discussion.
Men getting vasectomies voluntarily, outnumbers women having voluntary hysterectomies by thousands to one, rendering the idea that man are not pulling their weight.
Sure it’s more invasive for a woman, but women simply would NEVER sacrifice their fertility unless they don’t need the asset.

Fertility really isn’t much of an asset. And you’ll also hear of men getting women pregnant deceptively as well, just as women trap men deceptively into fatherhood. No use denying that either. It can go both ways. Anyone of either sex can deceive and trap anyone of either sex.
“The pill destroys the unfair advantage that so many women have been educated to think is their birthright”? What birthright? The right to use hormones to regulate what could be a natural menstrual cycle? Some birthright. Or the right to have pharmacists refuse to give us our damn prescription? How about the right to gouge our wallets for said birth control because health insurance doesn’t cover it?
If you want men to have control over their fertility (it makes no sense whatsoever from a feminist standpoint for us to not be with you 100%) I suggest you men lobby your asses off for male birth control, instead of getting squeamish about “letting needles or scalpels near your boys.” Believe you me, feminists aren’t about to complain. Our not trusting men to use birth control is really a moot point. It’s all down to you. And by the way, in most of the world, hysterectomies outnumber vasectomies, not vice versa, and I’m guessing it’s due to skewed notions of masculinity and the idea that all your manhood lies in your vas deferens. A woman’s femininity doesn’t matter, of course, as anything girly is icky. And yes, women do initiate divorce most of the time. Women also cheat just like men do. It’s like both sexes have sex drives and both sexes are capable of moral transgression and both sexes are capable of wanting lifelong devotion and realizing that maybe tying the knot was a mistake. Shocking, yes.

Dissatisfaction does not mean that “tying the knot was a mistake”, necessarily.  It is usually dissatisfaction and a lack of commitment.  No point making excuses and again trying to blame the man.  (he’s the ‘mistake, presumably because he does not live up to some fantasy).
Let’s not distort what I said it was *voluntary hysterectomies*, there’s a world of difference.  They occur because of some medical necessity, NOT something that can (again) be blamed on men.
Being able to force a man into fatherhood and thus securing years of financial financial support from him and the state is a huge asset, for which men have no colliery.  It IS considered a birthright by many women, you are obviously an exception.
Men have scant ‘opportunity to “trap anyone of either sex” and the ‘law’ does not assist them in such huge numbers.  Better read that book.
Again, it’s not about you, women have disingenuously played victim for far too long.
Men need equality for a change
Feminists concentrate on the ‘fact’ that men have more money.  True for a ONLY tiny minority of the insanely wealthy, and those in extremely dirty or dangerous jobs that few want to work in.
Homeless men exist in thousandfold greater numbers and outnumber homeless women but 10 or or 20 to 1, depending on where (there’s the state and its feminist control meting out ‘equality’ again)
And the rest of us struggle to support others.  When women on average support as many people FOR LIFE (other than themselves) as men do, they will see how it really is to be equal.  When they state penalises women for the actions of their men, that equality will be complete.
Let’s get back to the subject.  Gender-based medical research IS dramatically skewed away from men.  Incontrovertible fact, especially when state funds are considered.
Finding for community and family is also diverted for gender-based use.  Easy to research and guess who’s using it to skew the laws in their favour?
This pill could do with the same support that the cervical cancer vaccine has - in Australia it is government funded.
I know of no prostate cancer research that gets huge injections of govt funding, anywhere.

George, please tell me what self respecting feminist told you that a male birth control pill takes away a woman’s reproductive right. Im sure for every example you provide, I could find a thousand women denied emergency contraceptives, a thousand women struggling to pay for birth control, and a thousand women forced to rear children with no support (emotional or financial) from the father. When avoiding pregnancy, women bear the most burden and the most consequence. A male pill would be a boon to both sexes. However, the lack of funding is not a result of these so called radical feminists, but of a much more complex mix of old-fashioned sexism and misogyny.

As for the whole idea that women are out to “trap” men into child support: This is not so much entrapment as it is a kamikaze mission. Even if you do successfully get a man to pay child support, you’re the one who’ll endure nine months of pregnancy and give birth. Even if the man you “trapped” into child support is actually involved as a father, and gives up watching ESPN to go play catch with Junior (what? what about Janie? why do I need to do stupid girly things with her? what’s that? she wants to play ball? ridiculous, let her go back to her stupid tea parties!) he’s unlikely to do the less fun things, like change diapers and potty-train and take the kids to the doctor or clean up after them. Hell, my own father, to his credit, was much more involved and attentive than almost any other man I know, but I don’t remember him changing any of my brother’s diapers. So you might have gotten a man to pay child support for life, but you’re the one who takes on pregnancy, childbirth and then 18 years of caregiving for the rest of your life. So it’s quite irrational to get pregnant to trap a man into staying with you. It’s like drowning yourself just to make the saltwater splash really sting the other person’s papercut. Oh, that’s right, I forgot, besides being evil gold-diggers, we’re also irrational.
So yeah, I stand by my original statement. Fertility is not an asset over which feminists want a monopoly. It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever read. And I read the Twilight series.


What sort of world do you live in?

I did all the things you imply we fathers don’t do.
I was up half the night cleaning up puke and changing daipers. I spent loads of time with my kids and worked 12 hour days. My wife was the main home-maker but to say I was just a bystander is total rubbish, though it is something women seem to like to tell themselves about their men.

No-one would want to trap a man such as you describe, however most of us aren’t like that any more than most women are useless parasites.

Ah misandry is alive and well. 
I did everything (Granted that’s ‘easier’ for a man with three boys) changed more nappies, fed ‘em more (OK no breasts but that’s only for a few months). Bathed thenm every night and put them to bed.
Oh I had a lot of fun too.
The maternal gatekeeper does so much damage to almost every dad.  The premis is if you don’t do it like mum, it’s mad. - Bulldust! Men and women bring different pieces of the parenting puzzle to the table.
The commonplace hypercritical mother simply damages the relationship a father has with his children - no idea why it is so common, but I LISTEN to women and I hear a lot of criticism, much of it unjustified, petty and definitely hypercritical.
As for being irrational, who said people of either gender were always rational - and revenge is sweet.
As for the non-payers, if you look at actual statistics the VAST majority who do not pay are simply broke or in jail.
“The agency” in its quest to spread misery amongst separated families conveniently forgets the facts and trot out the subset of facts that ensures greater funding (for the greedy) and too bad for the real needs of kids.
Dads have no rights at any time after conception unless the mother is GROSSLY unfit.  Feminists have engineered it that way, and the facts speak for themselves.  Maternal gatekeepers break the father-child bond for personal satisfaction, and then - guess what, they blame the dad.
It’s the perfect crime - pity the children that are the are the victims of this ‘community’.  Misandrists blame the dad, (all dads really) regardless of the facts and agencies and courts do too.
Bring on the male pill - it’s NOT about you, ladies - read the title, get into THIS century.
If a child is suffering, look a little closer to home before doing the usual - blaming the dad.
Parental fraud never happens to women, and as the victims are men and children, feminists spend millions of taxpayer dollars defending the ‘right’ of a woman to defraud her husband and children in courts, hiding behind the supposed “children’s interests”.
Can’t see how lying about parentage has helped one child.  The ALWAYS want to know who their real father is.  Check that fact with adoption agencies some time.
The lie serves only one person - an adult significant to the child who is not the father.
Now that needs remedy - it is cruel!
Bring on that pill so that fewer of these children are born only to be used as pawns, in a variety of sordid, taxpayer-funded, legally sanctioned games.

Well, Steve, Mark Deutsch seems to think otherwise.

If such obstruction fails, the effects will be most keenly felt beyond the US as the US will be shielded in the short and medium term by its excess of military power, the Christianity of many of its immigrants and its relative geographical isolation. Elsewhere, with men refusing to have children, women will be forced to make concessions or risk being over-run by rapidly-reproducing Muslims seeking to introduce Sharia.

the muslims will not overrun America and our chirstian religion if men are allowed to choose thier own sperms destiny. I promise mark. (not mark deustch..I like him he is smart) I will literally chop off my own right hand with a butter knife if that happens. That is how confident i am i n how rediculious what your sayin is.


I cannot see where mr Deutch said ‘most’ women are useless parasites. spruiking that line to whoever will listen, cannot not sweep facts and large amount of data under the carpet.

When it comes to the games that are played with babies for money I also have insight into the experiences of good friends, people I know pretty well. I have heard enough reasonably reliable anecdotal evidence to know that it happens, and that it is not rare. Not ‘most, but significant’.

It may be that such behaviour is beneath you and most of the people you associate with - great.
However, the “name an innocent man as the father” is common game, a game played for money and revenge. Multiple cases are proven here every week.  20-25% of DNA tests PROVE that ‘dad’ isn’t dad at all, just an innocent bystander who becomes a meal ticket.  Which part is a mystery to you?

Here, we have a ‘government’ claims to be favouring ‘social justice’.  Part of that ‘justice’ is a plan to jail men who have a DNA test done to determine paternity WITHOUT the mother’s consent.  Imagine that : the courts being used to suppress truth.

DNA test samples are non invasive, (drool over here please, junior).  The ONLY purpose of denying fathers and children knowledge of paternity is to protect people with something to lose, dishonest fraudulent and sometimes vindictive people, people who hide behind the ‘interests’ of children.  Shame on them for USING their offspring so.  You have to face the FACT that those people are women, either wives who have had extramarital affairs or those who have become pregnant and quickly latched onto another man.  If a man were to do this, he would be immediately outed, when one ‘the sisters’ it is covered up, just as much corruption is.

That’s potentially MILLIONS of women, having dishonest, greedy, vindictive actions protected protected by what’s called ‘social justice’ in an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ fashion.  Let’s see, who is hiding (again) behind the interests of the children?  The same people who benefit from family law proceedings being secret.

This suppression of fact and denial of natural justice is absolutely NOT there to protect children. 

You do not have to believe that this behaviour is very common for it to be absolutely true.  Going into denial will not change a single fact, or negate the thousands of NEGATIVE paternity test results every week.  This is perpetrated with the complicity of ‘law’ - laws pressured for by guess who?

If laws were deliberately drafted to harm women, I have sufficient integrity to speak out as fo most men.  Many women I know (particularly those with sons the system has abused or is still abusing) are extremely disappointed about what feminism has been twisted into and how it abuses the children in whose interests it disingenuously claims to be acting in.  Children (and men) deserve a fair go.  An EQUAL go before the law.  This does not currently happen.

Even more reprehensibly, the rights of children are being trampled in these power grabs.  Family courts are often seen as a ‘Ministry of Truth’ and it appears with good reason.

Time to own up, speak up for justice and out the perpetrators, even if they are your own gender.

Feminism isn’t about taking away rights from men. I’m not sure who’s saying that it is. But Dr. Sigmund Freud had this idea, projection, where you take something you’re guilty of and accuse the rest of the world of it. I think he had other really ridiculous ideas, but he’s on to something with the projection thing.
All I’m trying to say is that to get pregnant on purpose just to trap a man into paying child support is more stupid than bitchy because it’s not anywhere near as self-serving as the women who perpetrate things like that (I agree that it’s wrong) hope for it to be. It’s a lot of crap to put yourself through just to inflict some damage on someone else and just in general a supremely bad, conniving, unfair to men, and ultimately SELF-destructive, idea.
I agree with you that men should have control over their reproduction just as women do. But don’t think for a second that men aren’t capable of doing evil things just like women are. I’ve seen men refuse to use condoms because they said the sex would feel better nude. Who cares that the girl isn’t on the pill because she saw condoms as her primary form of birth control, right? Her sex is out to destroy his, after all. It’s absolutely unthinkable that any man could be capable of rank selfishness. Not when “ZOMG THE CRAZY FEMINISTS ARE CONNIVING SUCCUBI OUT TO SCREW US OVER and The Children Will Suffer!!!!1111” You’ll probably win over more people if you refrain from using that meme, for the record. You sound ridiculous and it’s not becoming.
But nowhere near as ridiculous as I am for sitting through this tripe and feeding it. So. Peace out.

“Find the truth” said:
“20-25% of DNA tests PROVE that ‘dad’ isn’t dad at all, just an innocent bystander who becomes a meal ticket. Which part is a mystery to you?”


I have no argument with the rest of your post. Unfortunately, the above statistic was very misleading, and I think you know it. That is, paternity tests are NOT randomly done. They’re done when there’s an actual doubt as to paternity.  Therefore, it would be closer to accurate to say that even in THOSE cases, at least 75% of the time the man is in fact the father, whether or not he wants to be. Therefore, it would hardly be surprising if those men who have NOT demanded/had a paternity test are in fact not being defrauded of money, at least 90% of the time or more.

I.e., let’s not exaggerate the problem.

“Refusing” to use condoms? 

Not me, but for the record it does feel better without.  Both are supposed to enjoy sex right?
Condoms fail quite often.  As pointed out above, condom packets usually say: “may prevent pregnancy”.
Any doctor will confirm that the pill is highly effective, far more effective than condoms and for most women completely benign.

If you have a phobia about its use, that is your problem.  As for ‘forcing’ a woman not to use one - there’s always “NO”, making that line of “reasoning” appear irrelevant and contrived.

YES - let’s not exaggerate the problem

Are you implying that “at least 75% of the time the man is in fact the father” is an acceptable outcome?

This does not include the men who are happily cuckolded for the rest of their lives and NEVER find out.  The hoary old chestnut that men are more promiscuous than women, has been bandied about by women for centuries.

It won’t wash because It is a lie, and I agree with you: it IS misleading - it is the tip of an iceberg, ladies.
Feminist “statistics” on many issues are distorted - domestic violence for instance. [246 scholarly investigations: 187 empirical studies and 59 reviews : prove that women are as likely to assault as men are. 

And what do feminists say in the face of such evidence?  Why, they lie about it, painting men as almost sole perpetrators, denying the access to DV services BY LAW - that’s what.

Men (particularly in the West) are misrepresented, lied about, abused, used as slaves to do the difficult/dirty/life-threatening work, and as used as walking wallets.  When you are driving; using the phone; sitting or shopping in any building; drank water from a tap; driven on a road; used or consumed anything that contains materials extracted from deep beneath the earth [yes dear, your jewellery too!] or even read a post on a website, have you EVER thought of giving thanks to the men who invented it, built it, tested it, were damaged or killed in its manufacture/extraction and ARE maintaining it?

On the one hand there is the one-on-one violation, which is bad behaviour on a man’s part is sometimes provoked. Violence is unacceptable but if sufficient provocation exists, men AND women use it. 
On the other hand women are ‘working’ in institutions such as a court, DV shelter, ‘community’ organisation and distorting outcomes for perfect strangers simply because they are male. 

MANY men I know have come in contact with the ‘system’ have experienced this organised discrimination first hand as have I.. These are positions where unelected, and sometimes unqualified women can unjustly and adversely affect the life of another, simply because they are a man and DO SO with alarming frequency.
Even courts apportion blame in divorce cases to men because of whisper campaigns against men, NOT based in fact.  Here we have “sensitivity training’ for judges.  A female friend of mine worked for people providing this ‘service’.  She detested the misandry that was shoved down judges throats and told me that many women felt the same way and simply found other jobs. Guess what scum is eventually left working in places like that, distorting outcomes with venomous ease?

MISANDRISTS outnumber misogynists, where they crawl through the halls OF power, distorting the common good until it serves their purposes.  It is easy for open minds to see and decent women eventually leave because they perceive misandry and gross unfairness.  It is easier to leave than fight.

The cost of a pill that is completely benign for almost all women is small change compared to the distortion in society.

Perhaps it is time to read Esther Vilar’s book"The Manipulated Man”, ladies.  Some women see it how it really is, instead of benefiting from society and all the resources it supplies and then complaining about not getting a fair go.

A bit of appreciation when you look around at almost every object you touch would be appropriate from time to time. 


Back on my tablets now, and off the soap box : until more BS comes my way, I guess.

I live in the UK.
In my country it is common for young women with no prospects to get themselves pregnant and then live on welfare. Many young women do this and it is no accident on their part. The trouble is the state then persues the “father” for money. He only chose to have sex whereas she, with control of her fertility, chose to make a baby.
This behaviour is VERY COMMON and we as a society are paying the wrong people to breed.
We give these women a house and money and all they need to bring up a child - upto around $750 per week if they know how to work the system. The state then hounds the man into poverty to try to recover it’s losses.

Gloria Steinem, the most passionate feminist around, says that it’s not that women are more moral, it’s just that men are in positions of political power which makes it easy to become corrupt. Do you know what that means? FEMINISTS AREN’T CLAIMING THAT WOMEN ARE SAINTS WHILE MEN ARE MONSTERS. So congratulations on your ridiculous strawman argument. And while we’re at it, let’s not kid ourselves that men are saints, either.
If you actually bothered going to the websites of victims’ advocacy groups, you’d find that they do indeed acknowledge that men can and do get assaulted, by women and (more likely) by other men, gay and straight. (It’s like rape isn’t about sex! Shocking!) They also point out that men who get assaulted face unique hurdles in getting justice, not least because of society’s binary view of sexuality, where men are hypersexual brutes and women are gatekeepers who only have sex to make babies.  This is also how guys end up getting emotionally coerced into sex by their girlfriends, who also buy into the stereotype that every man’s one and only goal is getting laid and that for a man to be waiting for anything, be it emotional closeness or fear of pregnancy, is unthinkable. It’s absolutely possible for men to fail to give consent. You won’t find a feminist organization that denies that. Then there’s Heather Corinna’s website,, which explicitly states that using sex as a means of manipulation is wrong, disrespectful, unkind, and ultimately self-destructive and also admonishes against getting pregnant in an attempt to get someone to stay with you.
Again, the projection thing. You want so much to accuse women of misandry while you make these ridiculous conspiracy theories.
And by the way, I took the liberty of looking up maternal gatekeeping. If you’d bothered reading more about that, you’d have noticed that it’s not malicious or deliberate behavior. They’re not actively seeking to prevent their husbands from being with the kids, they just end up doing that because of how they’ve been socialized, and with disastrous consequences for the whole family, including themselves, because they still feel resentful about the housework thing. This behavior can be unlearned with good old-fashioned husband and wife talking it out and husband speaking up and wife catching herself at it.

“may prevent pregnancy”? According to the Center for Disease Control, condoms are 98% effective! If they fail, it’s because of human failure, not condom failure. But oh, right, the CDC is a branch of the government, and women have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more clout politically than men do, they just caught up so much after the 19th amendment was passed.

I’m glad feminism is out there to push for this and get rid of negative male and female stereotyping.  This pill will be an awesome step in equal reproductive rights for men and women.  Feminism is about equality and is the opposite of sexism, and men deserve just as much say in their reproduction as women!  Personally, whether or not I’d trust if a man is on the pill doesn’t matter, because I’d always be on the pill, and if my partner IS on the pill, then that’s great and just reinforces it!  Like you said, it’s NOT about me…it’s about HIS rights to as many different methods of birth control as me.

I think this writer would make an awesome feminist if he could just get rid of the social stigmas the media has instilled in him about feminists.  We’re really cool people, I promise 😊

But I really agree with many points in this article.  GO MBCP!!!

I’m all for MBCP too. What I’m not for is the author’s vicious stereotyping of women and his ridiculous theory that we feminists are to blame for not letting the male pill through because we want a monopoly on reproduction. (A monopoly on reproduction? A WANTED pregnancy sucks. And how many women go off the pill because they don’t like its side effects?) Yes, men absolutely have the right to control their fertility as women do. And there’s no reason to overlook the notion that not only do men have the RIGHT to control their fertility, but that they have the RESPONSIBILITY to do it as well. Just like women.
But then the comments thread degenerated into accusations of maternal gatekeeping and female deceit, and I was floored. Do some women get pregnant on purpose to “trap” men into staying with them? Sure. Are their intentions really to screw over the men? Debatable. I’d argue that structural factors are at work. Does it work the other way round, where men sabotage women’s birth control? Hell yes! But that gets denied.
Of course, I don’t even remember what the author himself said anymore, mostly only Mark Deutsch and that free the truth dude.

I don’t mean this to be insulting - though feminists will probably see it so.
My wife once told me that if throughout the ages you gained your place at the top of the food chain by living as the physically weaker part of the world’s top predator you learn to be manipulative. Women have had to be manipulative to survive and prosper in a physical world where being weaker is a disadvantage. Women are wired up different to men. That’s how it works. Grown men understand this. However, modern technology removes the disadvantage of being physically weaker but human nature doesn’t change that quickly. So women are still manipulative. They still get pregnant to trap desirable men or make a living from welfare payments.
In fact I think it could be argued that feminism itself is an embodiement of female manipilativeness which is why many men instinctively don’t like it. Being manipulated by your own woman is something we men learn to tolerate. In fact being in a close relationship you implicitly give your woman permission to do this. However being manipulated en masse, socially, by “wimmin” to whom you have given no permission simply drives us nuts.
No-one can deny that feminism is about manipulating the human system. Feminists, being both women and ‘ists, don’t question that it is their right to do so, nor that they are ultimately “good and righteous”. Personally, I think the jury is still out on feminism, it may yet do humanity more harm than good…

Just wanted to say that my ex took male birth control and started to contemplate going off it, since I was on an oral contraceptive (had been for years).  I warned him that it isn’t 100% effective, and like any pill which you hafta remember to take 365 days a year, there is always room for error.

He decided to go off it anyway, which implies what?  Part of me wonders if he was giving me the power to get pregnant by him whenever I decided—or—he just plain-out trusted I would “do right.” 

I have never “trapped” a guy, and believe me, I’ve dated some well-off men.  I was always a principle over profit woman. 

What I found interesting was that one night we were out having a few drinks—yes, we got a little tipsy, but still coherent and just being silly—and he said, “I’m gonna get you pregnant!  I’m gonna mess with your pills!”  He was being silly, but it made me wonder…

He knew I was 35, never had a kid or been married.  It was almost like a conquest/turn-on to him…of course, I knew alcohol was involved and nothing ever came of any of this, for the record…

I really had no point to this, except to share my “story” of a guy on the male birth control, and how we handled it/saw it…a new form of birth control is always cool to throw in as an option, regardless of gender, in my opinion…I think it equalizes the power of both parties, so that it enforces a dual agreement to have or not have a child, which is how it should be.

Some of the best men I know are feminists. And that’s not a joke.


Lack of imagination doesn’t make you a bad person.

This article and the comments it inspired shocks me. The article is condescending and extraordinarily biased, not to mention offensive and, I am led to believe, inaccurate. Dvorsky makes many claims, such as, “female claims that this will allow men to forever shirk their paternal responsibilities and live in perpetual adolescence,” that have no sources. Which females, exactly? All the women I interact with would surely love to have men share the burden of birth control. In fact, I would say it is sexist that there are not more forms of BC available for men. Women have been compromising their bodies throughout history in order to keep from getting pregnant, while there are men who refuse to wear condoms and think paying child support is equivalent to sacrificing your entire life for a child.

I, for one, and most women I know, would love to see more men taking responsibility for their reproductive power, though honestly, if this pill has the same side-affects as the ones for women, I would not wish it on them. Dvorsky says the reason the pill is not yet available is because of lack of male interest. Well, if it is something that matters to you (MARK DEUTSCH): go out and fucking do something. You say you don’t have the time or money. Really? Do you think African-Americans in Montgomery had the time or money to boycott the buses for 318 days? Do you think women had the time or money to go to jail in order to get the vote? And, sorry if you view this differently, but I have a feeling that getting male birth control would not be as controversial or consuming as either of the above actions. So get off your ass and do something.

To Mark: I hope you still check these comments, because I really would like to know what you are thinking. “Men are the ones now ‘stuck’ with babies not agreed to.” Really? You think there are no women who feel stuck with unplanned children? Why do you think women have compromised their bodies and even died because of dangerous forms of birth control? Because they didn’t want to get pregnant! Furthermore, if a woman does have an unwanted pregnancy, it is she who, if she chooses, must endure the abortion, which I can say with some certainty few women ever hope to do. I’d say most women would support men taking their share of the burden.

Also, Mark, your arrogant and inaccurate response to Alex’s comment is ridiculous. There are plenty of women in the United States who are either deprived or have too little knowledge of birth control. What about this abstinence-only policy? Or Planned Parenthoods closing all across the nation for lack of funding? Or birth control prices that are through the roof? If you want to make a difference in lessening unwanted pregnancies, fight against any these.

To Megan:
Well said.
Regarding your last paragraph, I’d only add what I said before. That is, everybody, remember to fight against the huge anti-contraception movement, which hardly consists of feminists. Does Mark or anyone else really want to turn a blind eye to religious - and not so religious - conservatives’ efforts to wipe out prescription female birth control until he suddenly finds himself face to face with a pharmacist or a doctor who says “no, I will not help you get the new male contraceptives, and I won’t tell you who will”?
Katha Pollitt recently said in a column:

“Obama should ignore pundits like EJ Dionne who want him to stiff the pro-choice majority that put him in the White House. Instead he should….......(snip list) 5. Put contraceptive research at the top of the scientific to-do list and get the best minds working on it night and day. It’s a new century : let’s have newer, simpler, sexier, cheaper fail-safe birth control, for both sexes, preferably available over the counter at every drugstore in the land. And speaking of drugstores, could Obama please, graciously but firmly, tell pharmacists who won’t fill prescriptions for birth control and emergency contraception that they are in the wrong line of work?

“For all the joy and relief so many of us felt at Obama’s election : I’m still floating : relaxing would be a mistake. He’ll be under huge pressure to compromise away his victory: to take feminists and progressives for granted and court the religious right : even though, according to Politico, white weekly churchgoers were no more likely to vote for him than for John Kerry.

“Yes, at last we have a pro-choice president. But he needs us to keep him that way.”


Much of your comment (in my opinion) is bang on and is uncomfortable reading for we armchair anti feminists. However, one of the problems, I think, with the idea of a “Man’s Movement” is that real men don’t whinge and complain in the way women do. I’m sure you’ll disagree with this but we are trained from an early age not to.
Also I’m not convinced that the womens rights movement is really what got them the vote. In my country (UK) the men who were mown down in the first world war trenches didn’t have the vote. They got the vote in 1918 and their women 10 years later. That 10 year gap isn’t in my view a historical big deal and amounts to “Ordinary people got the right to vote in the aftermath of WW1”.

There will never be a men’s movement that amounts to much, Men just aren’t wired up like that.
Women grow up believing that whinging at men gets them what they want and the feminist movement is this mentality on a bigger scale. Feminism is big nagging. Men grow up without the mentality to make a movement such as feminism.
What men do when they think they are being shafted is they refuse to co-operate and then don’t articulate why.

Well, well, well.
The minute the fairer sex cops some legitimate criticism it’s all too much, it’s ‘unfair’, it’s ‘sexist’ (have I left anything out?
I am fully aware that not all women do what has been written about by myself and others, but many do and playing ‘victim’  is definitely part of the standard gambit.  To complete the farce, we resort to the standard MO:
Play the victim and blame someone else, all the better if it is a man.
Groan . . . like a scratch on a CD.
In looking for moral high ground you do not possess, rudeness and distasteful language are ‘appropriate’ tools?
I’ve been abused by enough by - and I use the term very loosely - ’ ladies’, so I just can’t be bothered attempting to counter illogical and petty twisted sister arguments.
Read the headline again - “It’s NOT about you ladies”.  There, now I sound like repeating CD.
Time to stop hiding behind “children’s interests”.

I find this new development nothing short of amazing. It is about time that men have a different form of contraceptive besides condoms(which are not always effect), abstinence(isn’t likely these days and hardly relevant if you’re married or in love), “withdrawal method”(which is not always effective and rather difficult to follow through with), or getting a vasectomy. Of which has it’s own draw backs as well. This subject really doesn’t have much to do with women. It should be the mans right to use the same contraceptive as we women do. It would decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and become a combined effort in relationships. Saying that ‘how can you trust a guy when he says he is on the pill’ and grouping all men together in the category of irresponsible and untrustworthy is despicable. If you know the person, you want or are sleeping with, at all you would know whether they are lying or not; or if they are as persistent in following the pills calender. Considering they wouldn’t be the one to have to carry the child for nine months as a result of unsuccessful protection. Some women may worry over the subject, but it just depends on how well you know your partner. This rounds back to combining efforts. If both parties are taking birth control, you are more likely to remember by routine and reminding each other. This shouldn’t be such a big deal, if one chooses to use this form of contraceptive so be it? <3

Wow it all comes down to trust, doesn’t it.  Seems funny that someone would make the statement that one party might not trust the other party to use the contraceptive.  Are we all mere animals running around humping each other with out forethought? I know this page is old, but I heard many interesting points, and just for that reason I feel it is my obligation to state my own.  Pregnancy; definitely a fear for any rational adult If you don’t trust the partner your with, fuck someone else.  If you don’t trust them with alternative contraceptives, shouldn’t you also be worried about STD’s?  Bring on the pill, because I don’t want to bear children to a woman whom is naive enough to think that she should just leave it up to me(or any other guy)!!! And let’s admit it guys, if we were really proactive(enough to start a group) we wouldn’t have let women have rights in the first place (just admit it, it is easier to be the master, than the slave). And as far as the colon vs. breast cancer thing goes…its obvious, my colon is solely enjoyed by me, but her breasts are enjoyed by many, which would you rather save, my colon or her breasts?  And truthfully us men are so narrowminded (most anyway) that you know the true reason there’s no significant demand for MBCP is we don’t suffer the consequences physically.  So you guys can all bitch and moan about the 1 in ten guys who got stuck with someother dude’s kid, or the inequal rights of mothers vs fathers, but when it comes down to it, the other 95% of the time, the daddy bailed, and its up to the court system to straighten his ass out. Men are more irresponsible than women because we don’t have many consequences. Case in point, I could go out and impregnate 1000 women in a years time, and 3 months later, I have no back pains, no breast soreness, no morning sickness, and no kid growing inside me that I have to carefor or I might die because of, and you know what, its like pissing standing up, I am still clean afterwards, and holy crap did it feel good to mark some territory…..Lastly For real for real, you’d have to grow a pair to stand up for what you think is right. Would you grow a pair just to muffle them in the long run? F$%% NO!!!

You know…

not all of us women are out to entrap men into impregnating us in order to suck them dry through child support.  A child is the LAST thing in the world I want at this point in my life, and I’m all for any and all new forms of birth control that reduce that risk. An “unwelcome power shift” indeed.

It is a widespread feminist view that the dearth of male birth control options is an unwanted “power” dynamic, perhaps the word responsibility would be more fitting.

Many feminists view expanded male birth control options as a boon, yet your article paints quite a different picture.

There seems to be plain old misogyny at play here, what with your shadowy descriptions of women wanting all reproductive power for themselves. The only reproductive power that is absolutely pertinent to me is the power NOT to get pregnant, and to end an unwanted pregnancy.

I would certainly trust my partner to take a daily birth control pill, I do not view men as bumbling, perpetual adolescents, I view them as fellow human beings.

My only concerns about the pill for men are the same that I have for women’s hormonal methods, that is, the side effects. The pill made me moody and depressed, and killed my libido, so it was a catch 22. Recent studies show that the side effects of hormonal birth control can linger for months (if not years) after one stops taking it. This should certainly be considered by men thinking of using any hormonal birth control.

Just wanted to say that Dave’s post was almost worthy of George Carlin. In more ways than one. Thank you (grin).

Contraception is very frustrating. Personally every single pill I have ever been on has made me put on a massive amount of weight, feel tired, stressed and emotional. I cannot have an IUD because I have not had children and it won’t stay in. I’ve tried the depo-injection (weight gain, eptopic pregnancy), Implant (weight gain, nausea) and the only thing left for me is condoms. However my boyfriend “does not like them because they make sex crap” and complains constantly about it and doesn’t understand why I don’t just stay on the pill.

Hence I’m all for it! where’s the petition?

I’m not a feminist I think everyone should have the right to choose and if i saw a feminist i’d say “don’t you think it unfair that we have to bear the burden of contraception? Aren’t your protest a little counter productive?”. Yes there are women like that out there who use and trick men, but there are men that do the same to women and I think that one more option would benefit everyone. Especially people who feel that the current choices are no good for them.

So both men and women should be petitioning for this together.

The fact that people like Steve exist in this world scares the pants off me…how a man like that ever tricked some poor woman into marrying him is beyond me.

But to take stock of these comments I’d like to observe:

all females who have commented have whole heartedly supported MBCP, whereas the above article stated that women were hostile to the idea (I’m sure the author took the time to go out and survey every woman he could find to reach this conclusion)

that and much of the hostility has been from men towards women, often taking the form of plain old misogyny ( Steve’s seemingly paranoid rant about women being inherently manipulative, for example)

And why is it that no one has made the observation that men have held the reproductive reins over women until very recent history? And now that women have a certain amount of control in the realm of reproduction, men are crying inequality? I think Dave summed it up; Women are the ones most affected by pregnancy, physically, emotionally, and economically. I believe that this difference merits more control for women over reproduction, when it comes to AVOIDING pregnancy at least.

Sophie said
“The fact that people like Steve exist in this world scares the pants off me…how a man like that ever tricked some poor woman into marrying him is beyond me.”

Actually if anyone did the tricking it wasn’t me. I have 2 kids and I only ever made the decision to have sex, family planning? - I wasn’t asked!!!

I am actually a very reasonable person. I only sound paranoid to you because I don’t buy into feminism and the fact is that to some people it is a religion that cannot be questioned. The influence that feminism has in government and in our society is what makes people like me sound paranoid. What I actually said was not offensive to women and merely an observation on how the world works. However it is an observation that is at odds with feminist “wisdom” and so as any true believer should, you attempt to discredit the messenger rather than consider the ideas. If my ideas are wrong then tell me why and if yours are better then I’ll adopt them. I won’t adopt them simply because they are what feminist intellectuals, backed up by unbelievable stats, say I should believe. Anyway, we all know most feminists are wrong at least 63% of the time…..

Seriously though, anyone who says “I am a feminist” is actually saying “I only have half a mind” and that again isn’t meant as an insult. Merely an observation that viewing the world from the perspective of one sex is wierd and not an improvement on the past. Women taking up their role in the world should be better than that.

You have indeed introduced a number of ideas with which I disagree, for example:

“Women grow up believing that whinging at men gets them what they want and the feminist movement is this mentality on a bigger scale. Feminism is big nagging.”

“I think it could be argued that feminism itself is an embodiement of female manipilativeness which is why many men instinctively don’t like it.”

So the suffragists of the former half of the 19th century, who were force fed, stripped naked and brutalized were essentially “nagging”? Women that fight for equal pay, reproductive freedom, and freedom from sex discrimination are “nagging”? It seems like any way that women go about campaigning for their rights could be debased as “whinging”.

Well I’ll apologize to you on behalf of feminists for nagging you men for civil rights. Perhaps we should have stayed in the kitchen where we belong and kept our traps shut, eh?

Would you call the civil rights movement “nagging” on the part of African Americans?

And Feminism is simply the belief that men and women are equal, and that they should have equal rights. How is this only “seeing half of things”?

Aside from the antifeminist preamble and occasional potshots, Dvorsky makes some great points here. I absolutely agree that trust is not the issue; it’s a man’s ability to protect himself from the financial obligations of parenthood, which the combination of child support laws and DNA testing have forced on unwilling men. In the past, women undertook all of the burden of unwanted pregnancies. My ex husband, now in his 60s, said he impregnated three different women in his 20s. When I asked where these children were, he did not know if they were even in existence because he had abandoned all three women as soon as they knew they were pregnant. Since abortion was still largely illegal then, I have often wondered what became of these women and my ex’s other children.

Also, I want to say it is not just women who advocate tricking men into parenthood. When I told my father that my live in boyfriend did not want to marry and have children, my father urged me to get pregnant. I had no intention of forcing a child on someone who didn’t want one, buy my old fashioned father seemed to think that was normal. And, of course, a lot of unwanted pregnancies are accidents, not intended by either party. It’s not all about women forcing men to reproduce.

A male pill would increase men’s control.

I absolutely agree with this argument:
“First, people must take control over their own reproductive processes and not rely on the other person. This goes for both men and women. The MBCP will finally help men know for certain that they have virtually no chance of impregnating a partner.”

However, as noted a condom already allows that. A condom used properly has a failure rate of about 3%. Dvorsky cites numbers 5-10 times that high for improperly used condoms, which is fair. But a male pill would likewise have to be *used properly* to be “much more reliable.” If men used condoms as responsibly as they would need to use a pill, everyone would be better off. It’s easy to forget to take a pill for a day or two when you are young, or misplace the container while on a trip. Men would have to really focus on the importance of taking their pills. Would most of them do it? Or would the male pill have just as high failure rates as condoms may now—because of improper use?

There’s also a huge difference between the birth control needs of people who are just dating and those who are married and communicating well. I would certainly trust the right husband to take a birth control pill, as I would want to be trusted. But a new guy? No way.

But a new guy should be wearing a condom anyway because of STDs. So the male birth control pill would be backup in casual relationships, and a primary method of birth control in committed relationships.

Dvorsky also states:
“And third, most men do in fact deal with a pregnancy and the introduction of an unexpected child:be it parental or fiscal responsibilities. There are more accountable single dads who have joint custody of their children than ever before in history.”

“Most” is a vague assertion, but it certainly suggests at least 51%. I wonder if it’s true that more than half of men *willingly* take on parental and fiscal responsibilities for unwanted children without legal and social coercion. I think that’s a dubious assertion. But I don’t have any numbers either. I think there are more accountable dads, because of the social and legal constraints placed on men in the last few decades. I totally agree that this was not done in the interests of women, but in the interest of the state not wanting to foot the bill.

Lastly, I’d like to strenuously argue with this statement:

“Indeed, because women have had to bear the burden of contraception, they have gained control over an integral component of human life, namely reproduction. The MBCP threatens to wrest that control from women to men.”

For the foreseeable future, men can never wrest reproductive control from women. Men can refuse to reproduce. But that was always an option for them (see condom, spermicides, abstinence, vasectomy, etc). What men cannot do is reproduce without the full participation of a willing woman. In contrast, women can reproduce pretty much at will. This is biology and has nothing to do with the state of contraception technology. The same is true for a male and female animals of all kinds. The idea that a woman would not be able to get impregnated—by some means—if she wanted to is just not realistic.

And the implication that masses of men would go on strike and refuse to have kids—while a boon for population control—is not something I see happening. It is often men who want to have more kids than the mother feels she can handle comfortably. There’s no support for the idea that men as a group are being forced to reproduce extravagantly.

Men already have control of the political arena and the economy. There’s no particular reason they should aspire to “wrest control” of reproduction from women. This was done in the past—by means of laws that disenfranchise women and force them to live as possessions. I personally am not eager to return to a world where women are forced to reproduce with people they don’t choose and bear children they don’t want. So I hope you’ll think again about advocating something that sounds so much like that.

“Again, what is stopping men from fundraising and voicing their demands for the male BC they allegedly want so much? “

Men don’t collaborate as a gender.  Women do.

Psych studies from the last ten years indicate women have four times the propensity to prefer same-sex affiliation (not sexual, just affiliative) than men do.  Women relate much more strongly to other women as a group.  Men compete with other men.  Men affililate in groups (corporations, sports teams, communities, etc) for purposes of competing with other groups of men (and women).  Men do not collaborate as a class when it comes to women—not at all.  This is the precise reason the men’s groups are so weak—> men compete against each other generally and even more strongly when it comes to men/women issues in particular.  This is why the men’s movement has been, and will remain, weak.

Reminds me of a best of craigslist article about vasectomies.

This reminds me of when I read that many feminist groups are claiming that the current trend of men not marrying or marrying non-American women is an attack against American women and children.

I’m guessing that this will be also termed as such an attack. I’m glad to read that there are many women who are in favor of this, but I suspect that there will be many who are not.

Furthermore, will there be a way to prove in court that a man was on the pill during the alleged period of intercourse? If not, then the pill will not make a bit of difference as all that will happen is that the accusing woman will claim that the father was not on the pill at the time. If you have courts disallowing DNA evidence that disputes paternity, then this pill will not make a bit of difference.

“Furthermore, will there be a way to prove in court that a man was on the pill during the alleged period of intercourse? If not, then the pill will not make a bit of difference as all that will happen is that the accusing woman will claim that the father was not on the pill at the time. If you have courts disallowing DNA evidence that disputes paternity, then this pill will not make a bit of difference. “

That generally applied to married men.  You’re correct that for married men, under the current law, it won’t make a difference.  Women can cuckold their husbands and still make them pay for the other man’s child, under existing law in many states.

But for unmarried men, there is no such presumption of marital paternity—it will help unmarried men avoid paternity obligations.  And men should not be getting married these days, anyway, given the laws.

Thank you for the article. I offer one extra angle on what has been said. Has it occured to anyone else why it is that females who agree to mutual copulation, and who definately do not want to become pregnant, never do get pregnant ? They just don’t. Meaning? Only females procreate - where, when, and with whom it is they alone decide (rape excluded). As previously mentioned the emancipated male who seeks to reproduce when, and only when, he wishes to cooperate, is excluded from the decision making. When men really get to grips with this fact they will demand access to contraception that will give them freedom from female sexual tyranny.

“Has it occured to anyone else why it is that females who agree to mutual copulation, and who definately do not want to become pregnant, never do get pregnant ? They just don’t.”

“Never”? Where in the world did you get THAT idea?

Have you never heard of contraceptives that fail? Or are you saying that if a woman uses two or three good contraceptives at once and she gets pregnant anyway, that somehow “proves” that she wanted to, or she would have used one more contraceptive? Sheesh.

I trust you don’t really expect a man to go under the surgeon’s knife for a vasectomy - and then again when he changes his mind - just because he definitely doesn’t want children right now, so I trust you don’t expect women to get snipped, either. (It’s hardly painless.)

Let’s be civilized enough to give people the benefit of the doubt when contraceptives fail.

One other thing that I found intersting in this article is the ~3 months it will take to completely reverse the effects.  This could mean that the pill could be taken on a weekly basis rather than daily and that missing a day could have less affect on the fertility due to a gradual increase in sperm vs an egg which is either there or it isn’t.

I found your paper to be very interesting and informative. I say these men and women that have a problem with this pill for men if you dont like it dont take it, but get out of the way of the men who do. For to long women have enjoyed the power over birth control and the women all say they want to live in a world where equality is paramount well this gives men equalityover birth control, Ladies you cant have it both ways if you truly want equality then here it is. People, religiousgroups and politicions should take their head out of the sand and get in the 21 st century. This could be a revolation for men. The only concren I have is like the pill for women what the other side effects it may or may not have I’m all for this pill but I would have tobe careful as I have prostrate cancer in my background. Some more research needs to be done on that front before this pill is released. But all inall I think it will be a great thing for men and cherrs to the men and women who are making this pill become a reality.

For too long have women had power over birth control? 50 years doesn’t seem to be a very long time

50 years is an eternity in “enlightened” times.

Side effects?  No doubt, but it’s a small cross to bear for near total control of fertility and one’s future financial security should one hook up with an unscrupulous female.

Also women won’t have to bear the load that many complain about.

ME? I love being with my kids more than being at a job I quite like.  I don’t think kids are the burden than I hear some women claim them to be.

Reproductive equality anyone? Bring it on.

You know what I love about this blog, other it’s very apparent hostility, is it’s utter lack of sources to back up it’s claim of women not supporting male birth control. Even, when reporting on the pill, included a study a 1997 survey by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to show that men AND women at EQUAL rates thought that men should have more say in terms of birth control.

Furthermore, it’s ignorant to completely dismiss Feminist as women who blame men for everything. Those women are simply bitter. Most Feminists I know are civil human being who can recognize and understand the disadvantages that men face as well.

It’s not the pill that feminists oppose, it’s the loss of the control of family and post-family they’ve enjoyed for decades, and they see its ramifications.

Power is hard to give up and equality is merely a catch-cry when it goes beyond talking.

Fact is, when you have control of fertility, you can make someone a dad against his will.  If a man does that to a woman, I believe we usually call it rape.  And do not applaud his actions.

Yes there are many decent feminists, (probably most of them), but we see the manipulative, bitter ones who find their way into power.  The court, ‘child’ support, ‘domestic violence units’ are often riddled with anti-male sentiment.

Decent women often do not know this is going on.

Advertising REEKS of it.  Politic-speak reeks of it too. 

Listen to Obama talk about dads being irresponsible, without *ever* acknowledging that irresponsibility is not gender specific and them addressing the other side.

Do you actually think there’s a balance of power in these debates???

Power corrupts it was said.  Often proved true.


I’m a feminist and thought I’d stick my oar in to offer some balance - when complaining about generalisations and stereotypes it doesn’t help if you proffer plenty of your own in the process.

Most women are welcoming this with open arms. Many have problems with hormonal contraceptives so would love that, in a long term relationship, their partner could take care of contraception. I think it’s great that once released in a few years, the jab means that both parties have a safetynet to avoid unwanted pregnancies. If you rely on anything other than condoms for a one night stand or when you’re getting to know someone then you are a fool.

Lenona is correct though, men themselves need to to be seen to be asking for this, Big Pharma don’t create these things out of the kindness of their fluffy little hearts.

You know, you’re right. I shouldn’t have said that.
I just feel that women who find men to be inherently responsible for gender equality are mistaken.

Here we go again.

Blaming men for their lack of grass-roots political power is adding balance?

Yes men need to ask for this, no question, but men are maligned in what passes for modern ‘society’.

Watch a TV show or an advertisement many malign men in ways they would never dare to do to women.

This puerile state of affairs is balance?

Have a look at Lifetime’s ‘Deadbeat Dads’ show.

Dads don’t pay support?  Well some do not.
However the FACT is that when moms are expected to pay support where dad has the kids, they default at TWICE the rate.
Where is the documentary on TC to reveal this.

Go look up the stats in the US yourself.

Fact is perception is created by a male unfriendly media, why?  Men do generally not have power as Warren Farell shows so lucidly in his book “The myth of Male Power”.

A case could be made to show that except for the very rare exception, men today have LESS power than women did no the 1920’s.  Whenever men speak out on this injustice, they are dismissed as nutters

Time to stop blaming the victim.

I think all chemical birth control sucks, and my body cannot tolerate it. Why would a guy want to put himself through all the same side-effects, etc.? I have stopped using oral contraceptives altogether: If a man (my husband, in my case, but I’m trying to generalise my philosophy) is o.k. with condoms, fine, otherwise he can leave me and have sex with someone else. Besides, the pill killed my sex drive and I suffered from constant spotting and breakthrough bleeding in addition to my 7-day period, so my husband agrees that frequent sex with an ultra-thin condom (a little less sensitive, but with added lubricant to partially make up for it) is MUCH better than almost no sex at all! I think so, too! 😊 The pill also made me gain weight, while now I have only 18% body fat and I am super-fit again - a much nicer sex partner than the lazy, flabby, chubby girl with 28% bf that I had become. Finally, if the condom breaks accidentally, one can always take the day-after pill (or whatever it is called). Also, what kind of women are you dating or marrying? What kind of brainless, spineless rednecks would “lure” a man into being an unwilling father? Are we talking about the Western World here? Wow, I am very lucky I did not grow up in such a backwards, redneck environment! Guys, date only women who seem sane: Interview them , probe them, test them mercilessly at the beginning of your relationship, ask provocative questions, don’t shun away from the controversial topics while dating. I always give my girlfriends the same advice about dating men, but now I realise that it works both ways. You deserve better - wow, I’m in shock!!! Get the male pill if you want to (it is always better to have options), although the real solution (for both men and women) lies elsewhere, i.e. in finding reasonable, sane, modern life partners. Geez… Scary!

Julia said: “Also, what kind of women are you dating or marrying? What kind of brainless, spineless rednecks would ‘lure’ a man into being an unwilling father?”

Hate to say it, but it’s not just strangers or clearly shifty types one has to be wary of. People have married smooth charmers who managed to make certain strange details seem trivial, but those charmers turned out to be con artists or worse. Think of the current “Clark Rockefeller” case - or Henry Hill, whose story was portrayed in “Goodfellas.” But I digress. The point is, a “reasonable, sane, modern” newlywed woman might say when she’s 23 that she doesn’t ever want children, but when she’s 35, she just might change her mind with a vengeance.

Also, if you’re a man, you might say you want children, but you might change your mind or never feel quite ready. Having male BC would give a different spin to this Carolyn Hax column:

Hi, Carolyn: My husband and I agree we want children, but he’s balking, even though we’ve been married 10 years. He patently refuses to acknowledge that at our age (36), waiting any longer could mean the difference between doing it naturally or not at all. I had my doctor speak to him about fertility rates and age, but he insists on holding onto this “we still have time” mind-set. Any suggestions?


This is impossible to answer blind, and here’s why:

Invariably, when this comes up, I hear from men whose wives got tired of waiting and simply announced they were ditching the birth control - and these men now declare that the resulting children are the best thing that ever happened to them. The premise being that child fear can’t ever be eliminated by conventional means, so you just have to go for it (with full disclosure, of course).

I also hear from people who would view such a unilateral move as a betrayal. The premise being that “go for it” is a great way to produce unwanted children with resentful parents.

The only “right” answer is to know your spouse, and know whether the right words are “I am going to stop using birth control, just letting you know!” or “Your stalling on kids has me feeling bitter, like you married me under false pretenses.”

The precursor to both, however, is the same: If it meant never having children, would you want to stay married? That alone could decide your next move.

And, I’d like to add, whether the methods are mostly chemical or not, given the STD epidemics - past and future - the only way male BC is going to become popular in a hurry (outside of the world of male athletes and celebrities) is if every single woman who DOESN’T want to get pregnant suddenly gets panicky about the chances of her birth control failing (not likely, given her dozen contraceptive options), OR if fathers everywhere start teaching sons that all women are liars when it comes to birth control - even less likely.

In July of 2006 Bayer pharmaceuticals generated major headlines when they were approved to acquire German pharmaceutical giant Schering, within two months Schering announces that they will no longer be working with Organon on the development of male contraceptives and Schering halts its male contraceptive research program completely. March, 2007, the newly merged Schering acquires Organon and instead of using the merger as grounds to resume research on male focused contraceptive technologies as some hoped, Organon immediately dissolves their male focused R&D program. August, 2007 Monique Mols speaking on behalf of Organon in the 2007 industry journal Chemistry World is quoted as saying “Despite 20 years of research, the development of a [hormonal] method acceptable to a wide population of men is unlikely”, during the same month Bayer makes a major announcement that their feature hormonal contraceptive “Yaz”, the only contraceptive approved in the treatment of a psychiatric disorder (Post Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder), will be marketed as a new weapon to fight acne. Bayer’s announcement generates tremendous buzz within the industry as Yaz becomes the new wonder pill with overarching prescriptive powers unprecedented in a contraceptive, Yaz had truly become one with its slogan “Go beyond birth control”. One month later, in September of 2007, Pharmaceutical giant Wyeth, chief competitor to the newly aligned Beyer/Schering/Organon conglomerate, announced that they will discontinue all future research on the development of both male and female based contraceptives. Apparently feeling the heat, Wyeth elects to put all their contraceptive eggs in one basket, the year round pill Lybrel “Liberty” from your period so Wyeth proclaims.

I am a self proclaimed feminist and I cannot WAIT until the male birth control pill is available.  It is absolutely unfair that women bear the entire responsibility of preventing pregnancy.  Yes, some women abuse this in order to get pregnant against the man’s will, and that is an ugly, unfair act.  But many more women get pregnant by accident, either through contraception failure or “non-perfect use” (forgetting to take the pill one day, for instance) and must deal with the consequences entirely by themselves.  In order to avoid this extremely scary situation, I went so far as to get a IUD inserted in my uterus, a very painful procedure for a woman who has never had kids.  If I could have stayed on the pill and had my boyfriend on the pill at the same time (2x the protection) I wouldn’t have felt the need to go through that traumatic procedure.  The reason women don’t trust men to be responsible is because the great majority are not.  How many times have I been begged for sex without a condom, even after I tell the guy I’ve not taken the pill perfectly?  Too many. I welcome the day an unplanned pregnancy is not the sole fault of the woman and responsibility is shared equally.  Men, until the pill comes out, if you don’t want to get pregnant USE A CONDOM.  Be proactive, take control.  Women are responsible for themselves, and you are responsible for yourself.  And DEMAND MALE BIRTH CONTROL!!!

i wouldn’t trust a guy to take the pill. i have a career

and they tend to be so obsessed with their sperm

i have heard of several people getting pregnant on the female pil, because they are sick (eg vomit, diorrhoea, other medications) so it is not absorbed

i would want a guy to have a vasectomy

i don’t want babies

and yeah if it was such an easy operation, i would get my tubes snipped too

“And again, female claims that this will allow men to forever shirk their paternal responsibilities and live in perpetual adolescence are not just gross generalizations, but sexist statements of the highest order.”

How does one ‘shirk’ a responsibility that one has not chosen to create? That is a little like saying that as someone who has not chosen to have a dog, I am ‘shirking’ my ‘responsibility’ to feed and walk my dog.

So a child that is genetically yours is no more your responsibility than a dog whose existence had nothing to do with you?

And to think that fathers who campaign for the right to be involved in their kids’ lives and stress the importance of fathers in general wonder why so many still don’t take them seriously….

I think the male birth control pill would be a much better alternative to a vasectomy.  But it isn’t a better alternative to condoms. It may be good for a very monogamistic couple but it wouldn’t be better than condoms when it comes to one night stands and casual hook ups.  the only time it would be useful is with a girl you know you can trust and one that would not fool around and have unprotected sex with other men. The fact of the matter is given the high degree of sexually transmitted diseases it is still better to wear condoms. Condoms don’t require a prescription and they have any hormonal side effects, that the pill might have for some people.

Condoms can cause or exacerbate thrush in many women and I’ve heard in some men.
They are not a be-all end-all either.

I suppose that if you’re sowing wild oats in fertile fields they’re mostly effective.

I’ve had them fail - perhaps they seem to suit a quick ‘encounter’ better.

If you read the packet it says “MAY prevent pregnancy” - think on that for a moment.  Then consider that abortion is not pleasant for women, and child support for a little person you will never see can also be a bitter pill.

A male pill is the way to go if you don’t want yourself ‘fixed’ yet.

Fathers campaign to be in their children’s lives because they care.  If they did not CHOOSE to become fathers uespcially with a stranger with whom they had CONSENSUAL sex a fraud has been perpetrated on them.

It is common and the DNA stats PROVE that a surprisingly high percentage (compared to feminist claims) are actually promiscuous.  Same for false rape claims.

The facts don’t fit the shouted illusions.


“So a child that is genetically yours is no more your responsibility than a dog whose existence had nothing to do with you?”

Given that we are talking about male CONTRACEPTION here, we are talking about the NON-EXISTANT child that a man chooses NOT to concieve.

There can be no responsibility to a child (and therefore no shirking of a responsibility) unless you create one.

I for one would welcome the availability of a male pill/ alternative make contraception for so many reasons. It would be
phenomenal for men to have just as much control over pregnancy as women. Not just because some women are
dishonest or simply careless (the pill gives women the needed dose of hormones for 24 hrs. To be at it’s most effective,
the pill must be taken not only EVERYDAY but within the same HOUR each day. Few women on the pill exhibit perfect use),
but because no method is effective 100% of the time (aside from abstinence) and the ability for both parties to take
contraceptives would add so much additional security.

A few years back, I choose Mirena (a five year IUD) to prevent pregnancy. The process of insertion was incredibly painful
and as a side effect I had my period for over a month. Small price to pay, I reasoned, for piece of mind. But after about
two years I began having unbearable pains in my abdomen, nausea and vomiting. A trip to the doctor revealed that my
IUD was no longer in place, but had migrated out of my uterus and was now lodged between my ovary and fallopian tube.
It would have to be removed, and this would require surgery. Even more distressing, I was now eight weeks pregnant.
Because it was not the choice of myself or my boyfriend to parent a child at this time, my decision was to terminate. I had
to keep this a secret from most of my would be disapproving friends and family members. The whole experience was
emotionally and physically devastating for BOTH myself and my boyfriend who comforted me though the process.

What amazes me is that clinical trials have shown the male contraceptive pill to be 100% effective! That’s better than any
other prevention methods currently available! Of course that’s with perfect use but especially if both parties took initiative
we could be looking at a future where no one has to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

I would also like to add that I disagree with a common claim/ argument that would reduce the role of condoms that the occurrence of STDs would greatly multiply. When I go to get my birth control supply, I have to fill out forms and have discussions with doctors regarding my sexual habits and history. I have to undergo medical examination. I have to discuss the possibility of STDs and am offered STD screen. In other words, my accountability in regards to my sexual activity goes beyond the mere prevention of pregnancy and and extends into my overall reproductive health. The same would be true for men. I would go as far as to say that forcing men to think more critically about their reproductive health would increase their likeliness of getting regular STD screening and cause them to ask more probing questions about whether or not their partners are doing the same.

I don’t see why there needs to be a lot of arguments going on here. If you’re in support of MBCP and the other person is… then… and just support it.

The reasoning behind the support doesn’t matter. If I want an ice cream because it’s sweet, and the seller wants me to have an ice cream because they’ll get money…I’m still getting an ice cream. We both win. We wouldn’t argue over why we each want me to have the flipping ice cream.

I do agree, however, that if women expect men to stay out of their contraceptive choices then women need to stay out of men’s reproductive choices. Let them choose on their own. You demand they let you.

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