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The Future of Being Human
Dr. David Eagleman   Apr 12, 2014  

IEET Fellow David Eagleman discuses how we and other animals perceive reality. He referres to the umwelt in the context, of how our technologies will enhance our experience of the umwelt so that we can experience difference properties of the world.

“In the semiotic theories of Jakob von Uexküll and Thomas A. Sebeok, umwelt (plural: umwelten; from the German Umwelt meaning “environment” or “surroundings”) is the “biological foundations that lie at the very epicenter of the study of both communication and signification in the human [and non-human] animal.” The term is usually translated as “self-centered world”. Uexküll theorised that organisms can have different umwelten, even though they share the same environment.” - wikipedia

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