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Cybernetic Revolution in Salvador Allende’s Chile

Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group: Professor Medina presents material from Cybernetic Revolutionaries, her book-in-progress that tells the history of Chile’s Project Cybersyn. She links this historical case study to present day issues in e-governance, participatory design, and computer surveillance.

Interesting presentation

The socialist philosophy and methodology as promoted by Allende may be of key significance for an outlook to integrating and implementing an amenable transition towards a more socialist world model? Although the original technology and its implementation is all but redundant as compared to the power and potential of the online global collective, the internet, and increased bandwidth speed and data trending.

Shame all but one person had a relevant question to ask at the end of the presentation? And indicative of a lack of understanding of the potential of extending cybernetics towards the emergence of the "online global collective consciousness"?

What we should be doing, ("we the World"), is providing more gaming models that encourage greater participation in solving global political and environmental dilemmas, and analysing how these models project results and successful solutions for future scenarios?

And a great place to do this would be online environments like Second life, or moreover to specifically resource younger minds and contemporary memes, with online gaming environments supported by Xbox and alike? Online gaming and data trending is key.

A topical example is a game model that encourages players to participate in game roles which target and analyse economic hardship and austerity measures, (obviously through fantasy scenario and role play), and analyse the effects on well being, state of mind, happiness and attitudes towards others, empathy and compassion, (for suffering parties and groups etc), the emergence of cooperation and tribalism between like minded philosophies, or contrariwise the strive for independence, freedom and individualism, (anarchy), in the face of adversity. Would these scenarios increase greater existential risk and violent global revolution?

But again, governments, politicians and elitist oligarchs don't want this to happen do they, because they stand in the way of social progress?

Thus the Key word is #Occupy , the methodology is participation, and the process is with demands!


Beer: "Level 5 has been allocated for you presidente"
Allende: "Ah.. this position belongs to the people"

A wise man indeed, this Allende

And I have great faith that computers will help us to evolve individual minds and global social philosophy. And even the counter opinion still provides room for contemplation of future success?
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Haha that's rediculous. No way
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