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Save the Environment with “Tofurkey”

“Tofurky Thanksgiving - Vegan, Vegetarian, Meatless. What do vegans eat for Thanksgiving? What do vegetarians eat for Thanksgiving? How do you have Thanksgiving Dinner without Turkey? How to bake Tofurky? What does Tofurky taste like? We will try to answer your Meatless, Vegan, Vegetarian Thanksgiving questions together! Tofurky has become a Thanksgiving staple for my vegans and vegetarians, but I have never tasted it before.” Livestock is Responsible for 51% of Green House Gas Emissions

I'd rather have me some tofurducken.
Eating meat demonstrates how barbaric humans are-- civilization is a mirage.
Intomorrow.. Didn't know you were a veggie too!

The next step in Human ethical evolution is to realise it does not need to look like meat to find it appetising? Meat memes are deeply rooted, yet not as powerful as Human integrity, once one puts mind to it?
"Intomorrow.. Didn't know you were a veggie too!"

I do eat meat: how many men do you know who are vegetarians?: how many men do you know who are civilised? Where I live, every meal includes meat (probably so in the majority of locales); they think if you don't eat meat you're some sort of a crypto-pinko. My friends subscribe to 'Guns and Ammo' magazine, they think shooting deer and elk is what God wants them to do.

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