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Here’s Occupy Wall Street’s ‘One Demand’—Sanity
Richard Eskow   Oct 4, 2011   Huffington Post  

Even the sympathizers don’t always get it. I’m sure I get a lot of things wrong too, but here’s one thing I do understand: Change doesn’t begin with policy. It begins with perception. And you don’t change things by asking. You change them by acting.

But it begins with perception. “All money is a matter of belief,” as someone once said.

In the New York Times, Nick Kristof shows that he understands the Occupy Wall Street movement more than most of his peers. “The protesters are dazzling in their Internet skills,” he writes, “and impressive in their organization.”

But like many other sympathetic observers, he misses their most important point when he says “the movement falters in its demands” because “it doesn’t really have any.”

As movement participant Nelini Stamp told the Take Back the American Dream conference yesterday: “We don’t have demands. If we make demands of Wall Street, we’re saying that Wall Street has the power.”
But the fact that the movement doesn’t make demands of Wall Street—or Washington, for that matter—doesn’t mean it doesn’t have demands. It does, but they’re not directed at Wall Street, or K Street, or Pennsylvania Avenue. They’re directed at you. And at me, and at every other citizen of the United States.

Some mainstream liberals and politicos have rolled their eyes at the protestors’ response to requests that they come up with “one demand.” Their ‘One Demand’ page includes the execution of Troy Davis (“Ending capital punishment is our one demand”), Yahoo’s blocking of emails that included the occupywallst URL (“Ending corporate censorship is our one demand”), and a list of others: “Ending health profiteering is our one demand.” “Ending American imperialism is our one demand.”

im2That was a signal for the snark to commence. “I’m not a genius at math,” said one commenter, “but I’ve been counting these demands and I’ve gone way past one.”

But the “one demand” that matters most is directed at our society, not our policymakers, and it’s much more fundamental than any of these ideas. The demand is this: “Come back to sanity.” That’s the underlying demand that unifies all those items on the Occupy Wall Street website.

Our culture is insane today, and they recognize that.

Sanity: The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. Reasonable and rational behavior. - Oxford Dictionaries Online

The scope of our confusion and delusion can’t be addressed by specific policy measures, any more than you might have overthrown Mubarak’s regime in Egypt with a “single demand” to end the torture of political prisoners, or fixed elections, or the theft of the nation’s billions by Mubarak and his cronies. The first step is to lift the veil from everyone’s eyes, as they did in Egypt, to say to others and to themselves: “This isn’t democracy—and it isn’t inevitable. We can change it.”


Richard "RJ" Eskow, serves on the IEET Board of Directors and as a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America's Future. RJ is CEO of Health Knowledge Systems (HKS) in Los Angeles.


Bravo, Richard!  yes - Change Begins With Perception.  And the Occupiers Perception is Keen.  thanks. I’m hoping they have the stamina to create some big changes -

We from the rest of the world are with you guys. Not only the US have lost sanity, but also the rest of the western world.

I have no issue with those who do something useful, produce value, and make 100 times more money than me. I have many issues with those who produce nothing, destroy value, make others homeless and poor, scam the entire world, and make 10000 times more money than me. Those must go, which the insane system that makes their scams possible.

We really only need one demand: full transparency and disclosure.

When State secrecy is ended, the solutions will be much more apparent.

Unfortunately, this is also the very last thing they will offer. When we achieve transparency and disclosure, many many heads will roll.

Instead, as the situation intensifies, they will offer placations to distract people from pursuing transparency.

Secrecy is the last card they hold. End secrecy and everything will begin to fall in place.

Concerning Perceptions, Global consciousness, Crowdsourcing, and the potential to inspire and aspire to global change..

Never before has voicing your opinions been more powerful than with today’s online technology and social networking!

Supercomputer predicts revolution

Tampa Bay FL needs some Friendly Visitors next summer:

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