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Whole Foods’s Mackey: Libertarian Daydreams, “Fascist” Nightmares, And Real People’s Health
Richard Eskow   Jan 17, 2013  

The quote of the day comes from Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, who suggested to NPR that Obamacare is a “fascist” program. Other CEOs are still insisting the health bill’s too “socialist,” as Mackey has in the past.

(Mackey now says he regrets using that word. See update below.)

Smart CEOs would be demanding more "socialism," not less, in our healthcare system. That would be good for America -- and good for business, too.

Daydream Believer

Mackey would undoubtedly recoil in horror at the idea. He says he's a "libertarian," but I've long believed that "libertarian" is usually a synonym for "economic right-winger."

Mackey is truly brilliant -- and I say this with genuine admiration -- in the kind of salesmanship and quality control that made him the grocer to an entire generation of Baby Boomers. I respect him a great deal for that, as I respect any successful and constructive entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, his policy ideas target the same generation that's made him rich -- and would hurt their children and grandchildren's generations even more.

John Mackey is biting the hand he feeds -- and which in turn feeds him.

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Richard Eskow, an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET and Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America's Future, is CEO of Health Knowledge Systems (HKS) in Los Angeles.

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