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A Perfect (Robotic) Woman
"My name is Lisa"   Nov 19, 2009   BotJunkie  

Although the results are not yet entirely convincing, it seems clear that a leading commercial application for personal robots will be as “companions” and/or sex toys.

Is she from Stepford?
I believe this is viral ad for Philips? From the Web site re-direct, I'm guessing this must have been a French campaign.

Even though that's a real woman playing a robot, she still falls into that creepy uncanny valley. Yikes.
The need and desire for domestic management, maintenance, and general "wifery" certainly is not gender specific. On the other hand (heh heh), a sexual preference for a replicant over ones' own human counterpart must be an adolescent fantasy of the sexually repressed male. Rank and file, half (left) brained shimmy!
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