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What do You Think About FEMEN?

Femen is an feminist group, who fight for women rights, gay rights and equality. What do you think about them?

"What do you think about them?"

IMO anyone who wants to do anything halfway reasonable in the 21st century to chip away at the 19th- 20th century world we live in is to be heartily congratulated. Otherwise why bother with *futurism*? Otherwise why not attend church to pray for Christ to save us?
America only really went to the Moon to beat the Russkies there. Perhaps if the Russians and the Chinese formed a condominium to move ahead of us to colonise space (golly, imagine that) America would be stung and start chasing. The US appears to need an external threat as much as any nation does. If our opponents got together to say,
"we are going to beat you into space, move way past you and leave you in the dust", America would say,
"we'll whup your posteriors, you goddamn uppity furriners..."
Such really is the way most think. So at any rate, good for FEMEN; good for anybody who is not a control-freak pighead.

The world is overwhelmingly a hostile environment for women. The only people who have the daring to stand up to the Patriarchy are these emaciated young things from the Ukraine. I imagine it was the horror of Chernobyl that kick-started the movement. Everywhere they go they are met with hatred and violence. No man would break ranks and abandon the gods he serves. A shame really.
Women are to men as the poor are to the wealthy:
subservient. Been that way for not thousands but millions of years.
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