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Topless FEMEN Activist Saws Down Cross in Kiev in Support of Pussy Riot
FEMEN   Aug 19, 2012   joneyjamesjoe  

Activists from the Ukrainian feminist protest group Femen cut down a cross in central Kiev in a show of solidarity for the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, who face trial in Moscow.

I am sympathetic to free speech and the rights of women. But this is vandalism. It does not matter if it is painting swastikas on Jewish gravestones, or the burning of secular symbols such as the American flag (in particular if it is a government owned one!).

The reason why this post finds its way onto this site is I suspect because its tagged as a "Topless FEMEN activist..." I am fairly sure the use of a topless model to promote a feminist position is oxymoronic.

There are more ethical ways to protest and to promote than this example.
Is there a English translation of what she said?

Does anyone know if this cross was affiliated with the Russian Orthodox church?
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