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Artificial General Intelligence - AGI 13 Interview
Pei Wang   Sep 24, 2013   Adam Ford  

Pei Wang talks about Artificial General Intelligence with Adam Ford @ The Sixth Conference on AGI 2013 held at Peking University in Beijing, July 31 – August 3, 2013. His interests lie in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, especially on unified theories of intelligence, formal models of rationality, reasoning under uncertainty, learning and adaptation, knowledge representation, and real-time decision making. He teaches Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Analysis, Computer Programming, Data Structures, Probability and Statistics @ Temple University.

The human neocortex has a highly recursive structure (i.e. the same structure repeated again and again). Furthermore, it utilizes pattern recognition. Finally, it appears to store data in a hierarchical form.

It is hard to imagine that the first AGI won't contain these three elements.
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