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Engineering, Cybernetics & Intelligent Technology
Iven Mareels   Jan 17, 2014   Adam Ford  

Published on Jan 16, 2014

Interview with Iven Mareels, Dean of Engineering at Melbourne University
Title: Engineering, Cybernetics & Intelligent Technology, and the up and coming Norbert Wiener conference in Boston on June 24-26 2014.
- Intro / Why is it Important for Researchers & Engineers to Understand Norbert Wiener's Work Today?
- Neural Engineering: Fulfilling the Dreams of Norbert Wiener & Von Neumann
- Norbert Wiener, a Renaissance Man ahead of his time
- Cybernetics
- 2014 Conference on Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century
- The Internet of Things
- Reverse Engineering the Brain
- The Black Box Approach: Evolving Artificial Intelligence
- Systems Biology & the Convergence of Life Sciences with ICT
- Machine Learning
- Artificial Intelligence
- Neural Prosthesis

About Iven Mareels:
Iven has extensive experience in consulting for both industry and government. In May 2008, he was awarded the ATSE Clunies Ross Award by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) for a new approach to reducing water wastage using an IT-based management system in irrigation channels.

He has received a number of awards for his research publications, was recognised as Distinguished Lecturer by the IEEE Control Systems Society 2005 and has published widely and holds a number of patents.

Melbourne Uni Profile:…

Interviewed by Adam Ford (Humanity+) and Greg Adamson (IEEE).

Norbert Wiener images supplied by MIT Web Museum -…

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