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Transhumanist, Adam Ford Talks with Primitivist, John Zerzan about Technology and Civilization
John Zerzan   Jul 12, 2014   Adam Ford  

Adam Ford talks with John Zerzan about Primitivism and Transhumanism. They discuss everything from ancient cultures to the effects that modern technology have on people around the world. They also talk about the environment, culture, society, and civilization.

Modern Electronic / Computer parts "sweatshop":

I have to say this was the best interview I have every heard Adam Ford give, not in terms of the interviewee - John Zerzan- but in the way Ford handled himself.

He was continually attempting to be respectful of and learn from Zerzan, despite deep intellectual differences, without surrendering his own values and with little give, except towards the end, from Zerzan himself. This is the way non-ideological journalism should be done, and copies should be sent to every talking head on cable news with the label "This is how to do your job!"
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