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History of a Time to Come
Michio Kaku   Jul 17, 2014   Adam Ford  

Adam Ford: “Michio is the author of many best sellers, most recently “the Future of the Mind” - We are entering a golden age of Neuroscience - today it seems much of the discourse today seems to be it’s use in helping understand and treat mental illness (which is great) - though you suggest there will also be other uses…”

What is it that is driving this revolution?

How do you think your background in Theoretical Physics shape your view on the future of the mind?

Intelligence enhancement, Internet of the mind - brain-net, like a hive mind? Where are we at with AI?

Many AI experts and scientists agree that some time in the future a Singularity will be possible (often disagreeing about when). What are your thoughts on the Singularity?

What about advances in Nanotechnology?
Is the Sticky Fingers problem a show stopper?

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