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Fetal Personhood: The Movie
Citizen X   Oct 5, 2010   ChoiceUSA Tube  

What would the world be like if the walking-around and thinking people took fetal personhood seriously?

REALLY bad logic, so bad it is not even amusing. It is rather startling, actually, that such a thing could pass a serious critique of fetal personhood. The baby didn't eat anything at the restaurant - would an out-of-the-womb baby who didn't eat anything in the restaurant "count" when it came time to split the check? No, of course not - not even if she ate some of the food.

Likewise, the baby is not playing tennis - does a woman wearing a baby backpack playing tennis (I've seen stranger things) count as doubles? No rational person would think so. It's just stupid.

The baby is not viewing the movie -- most babies in arms are free at most venues that charge admission, and failure to admit that fact is absurd.

Yes there are two people in every situation, the mother and the baby. Not all persons participate in the adult world like adults. Seriously - is this video not idiocy? It's gotta be a joke, right? Choice USA really doesn't exist, it was made up by pro-life groups as a kind of satire.... right...?

I guess I gotta take it seriously. Man. Personhood of the fetus either is or isn't. It doesn't happen because a law gets passed. An adult isn't a person because of the law, but because he's a person ontologically. The law reflects reality in this case and doesn't attempt to create it. If the fetus is not also ontologically a person, then personhood laws are ridiculous because they define reality based on fantasy. But if it is ontologically a person, then personhood laws are necessary insofar as the personhood of the fetus is denied and violated by other laws, because these other laws are creating reality out of fantasy.

Omigosh, if this is the best Choice USA could do, they are doomed.
What an unfortunate waste of time.
This is the most feeble and immature argument against fetal personhood I have ever seen.
Great movie, thanks for posting your article.
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