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Meta-Enlightenment (?) ;)

In this video Ben Goertzel, IEET Fellow, plays with his dogs, but asks: Is Crunchkin enlightened or meta-enlightened? What do you think?

Is there a concept of “meta-enlightenment”  – when you’re so enlightened that you no longer care about being enlightened?

After all, what difference does it make if one particular human being is enlightened or not?  Isn’t this an insignificant fact in the light of the huge size and massive complexity and diversity of the cosmos?

Do the nine-dimensional machine-elves care whether Jack is enlightened and Jill isn’t, or Jill is enlightened and Jack isn’t?

Isn’t striving to make one particular human mind/body enlightened, a form of ego-attachment, an overestimate of the importance of that one mind-body?

How does this relate to Bob Dobbs’ philosophy of Slack?? ;D

Is Crunchkin enlightened or meta-enlightened?


Is there an objective way to measure enlightenment? Meta-enlightenment? Perhaps we can vote on it - majority rules. Or, maybe we can elect representatives that can judge. Or maybe we can measure it indirectly by electrical conduction or personality test? How about we judge it by metrics like his income, job category, living conditions, or assets. Or, maybe we can follow him around for a while and write down everything he does? How about we ask him subjective questions, and judge his answers? Maybe we can put him to some sort of test like a stress test or an adaptivity test?
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