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Future Day 2015 with Ben Goertzel
Adam Ford   Feb 16, 2015   Adam Ford  

The want for a better future is a yearning as old as recorded history.  In Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest stories ever told, Gilgamesh strived for the fabled elixir of eternal life.  Yet his life faded as all others so far have like a fleeting shadow extinguished .  Though we have not yet found said elixir, we have made extremely promising progress.  Peering through time we can catch a glimpse of possible futures spread out before us, some of them include radical life extension and regenerative medicine‚Ķ caught within the ageless rhythms of daily life we often get sidetracked - we are distracted by short term desires.  And as the days slip by opportunity costs mount - might we lose our opportunity for a fantastic future?

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