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Brian Hanley Joins IEET Advisory Board; Kris Notaro and Roland Benedikter are new Affiliate Scholars
Sep 28, 2015  

Three new positions have been filled at IEET, in two categories: our Affiliate Scholar Program, which we’ve maintained for a decade, and our Advisory Board - which was installed just last May.

Brian Hanley has joined the IEET Advisory Board - he is the 18th person to join since the core group was established four months ago. He is the founder of Butterfly Sciences, a company developing gene therapies for aging. He has published a range of papers in biosciences, economics, policy and terrorism, in addition to a recent text on radiation treatment. He obtained his PhD in microbiology with honors from UC Davis.

Kris Notaro and Roland Benedikter have also been appointed IEET Affiliate Scholars.

Kris Notaro served as Managing Director of the IEET from 2012 to May of 2015. His academic concentration is Consciousness Studies and Philosophy of Mind, relating both to techno-progressive politics and current and future understandings of the nature of consciousness, and he closely follows technological advances illuminating neuroscience, consciousness, and the ongoing brain/mind debate.

Roland Benedikter is Research Scholar at the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Senior Affiliate of the Edmund Pellegrino Center on Bioethics of Georgetown University, Trustee of the Toynbee Prize Foundation Boston, Senior Research Scholar of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs Washington DC and Full member of the Club of Rome.

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