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Transhumanists Helping the Ugandan Mountain Community of Kyarumba
R. Dennis Hansen   Jun 26, 2015   Tired Road Warrior  

The small community of Kyarumba, Uganda, is located in the southern end of Rwenzori Mountains (aka Mountains of the Moon).  It straddles a wild river that is prone to flooding.  The community recently got electricity.

In January 2015, I met up with Hank Pellissier and we spent half a day in Kyarumba, getting to know the needs of the villagers.  Hank provided assistance to a community woodworking-training center and to a science center funded by the Mormon Transhumanist Association, the Christian Transhumanist Association, and Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

My friends and I constructed a 4-seat swing set (with financial assistance from Hank) at the local primary school.

Yesterday (June 2015), I returned to Kyarumba.  We provided some power tools to the woodworking shop, were entertained by the students at the primary school (where the swing was constructed), and provided educational games (a gift from Hank) to the science center.  The center is well maintained and well used by the local students.

The entertainment provided by the primary school children was great fun.  They sang and danced.  They had personalized some of the songs.  During the ceremony, our contact in Kyarumba indicated that the swing set had encouraged children to attend and stay in school.

Even though we were able to spend only 2 hours in Kyarumba, it was a great visit.  We hope to continue our support for this small isolated village.

R. Dennis Hansen is currently employed as a planner for a federal resource management agency in Utah. He enjoys traveling and has lived in and/or visited and/or worked in over 40 countries on five continents. Hansen is a member of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and Engineers without Borders.

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