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Climate change: Fact or fiction?
Mehdi Hasan   Jul 14, 2013   Head to Head  

Climate change sceptic Richard Lindzen is challenged on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.

Many believe that climate change is now a fact of life. It seems that sea levels are rising, weather patterns are changing, and glaciers are melting.

Some scientists say the earth’s climate changes constantly and naturally, but the vast majority of them believe the current rise in global temperature is man-made, and could be catastrophic for the planet.

But is all this but a case of extreme ‘climate alarmism’?

This interview was nice and balanced but not near deep enough to change any minds on either of the three sides.
To project carbon use trends 30 years out assumes no exponential acceleration of technology.
Why are we spending billions on high speed trains instead of building water pipe lines to dry areas of the world to help the poor much faster than cutting back carbon use? This will also help with greening the land to help eat carbon. Clean power including wind, solar and nuclear can pump and clean the water.
Do they really care about the poor or do they have ideology dreams? Who, on which side will get the grant money to substantiate their claims?
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