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Join Us At H+ Summit at Harvard
H+ Summit   May 29, 2010   Humanity+  

The H+ Summit June 12-13, 2010 at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts will explore how humanity will be radically changed by technology in the near future. Visionary speakers - including the IEET’s James Hughes, George Dvorsky, Aubrey de Grey, Ben Goertzel, Natasha Vita-More, Patrick Lin and Ramez Naam - will be speaking.  What will it mean to be a human in this next phase of technological development? How can we prepare now for coming changes?

We foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition and overcoming such constraints as the inevitability of aging, limitations on human and artificial intellects, unchosen psychology, lack of resources, and our confinement to the planet earth. The possibilities are broad and exciting. The H+ Summit will provide a venue to discuss these future scenarios and to hear exciting presentations by the leaders of the ongoing H+ (r)evolution.

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