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“What is Technoprogressive Thought? Origins, Principles, Agendas”
James Hughes   Nov 30, 2014   Aft Technoprog  

Human flourishing is advanced by the convergence of technological progress and democratic social change. Technoprogressives argue that technological innovations can be profoundly empowering and emancipatory when they are democratically and transparently regulated for safety and efficacy, and then made universally and equitably available.

Technoprogressive Declaration - Transvision 2014:

In this talk I will outline some of the historical precursors of contemporary technoprogressive thought, and how it suggests a strategy for progressive transhumanists to build alliances with other progressive movements. I will then sketch an political agenda for technoprogressives that will help build progressive coalitions, and counter the hegemony of billionaires, neoreactionaries, and corporations within the transhumanist movement.

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