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Hughes speaks at Secular Students Association - Columbus Ohio - Aug 11-14, 2005
Aug 13, 2005  

SSA Con 2005: Connecting the Secular Movement with Other Communities

The Ohio State University, August 11-14

This conference will unite scholars and leaders from numerous disciplines and organizations in order to foster dialog about how the growing nonreligious communities can connect with and relate to other communities. Four sets of questions will dominate the conference:

* How can naturalistic and theistic communities better communicate, cooperate and respect one another?

* How can we better understand the values, language and tactics of the Religious Right?

* What do Americans think of those without theistic beliefs? How accurate are those beliefs?

* Who makes up the freethought movement? What are the demographics of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other “nones” in North America?

Additionally, this conference represents a fantastic opportunity for advisors, leaders and members of student groups to get to network with other advisors, leaders and members from all over North America.

Check out the Speakers List and Schedule for more details.

Dr. Hughes will be speaking on transhumanism and bioconservatism in the Saturday session of the conference.

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