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Opportunity - Become an IEET Intern or Contributor!
Aug 4, 2013  

The IEET is looking for tech-savy, science, philosophy and politics lovers to write essays and articles. If your looking forward to an egalitarian and technologically progressive future please contact us! This is a great opportunity to get your ideas about how to create a better world out there!

​Consider this rare opportunity - IEET is presently seeking to expand its influence.  The tasks we will provide you with are challenging, gratifying, mind-expanding, and they'll look great on your resume.

With us, you can:

1. Conduct interviews with international authorities and experts on a wide range of futuristic topics (the bylines will be yours).

2. Write articles for IEET publication; we have a long list of topics.

3. Learn the invaluable skill of social media marketing, to aid us in extending our messages into every area of the globe.

4. Write academic articles for our Journal of Evolution and Technology (JET) and serve as a peer reviewer of JET submissions.

5. Help expand IEET’s Technoprogressive Wiki.. The future just keeps getting more complicated and people need to stay informed about new theories and concepts related to technoprogressivism, transhumanism, posthumanism, and futurism!

If you're interested, please contact Kris Notaro (Managing Director) at:

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