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Nov 1, 2005  

Great news: the IEET website... looking mostly the same. So why all the excitement? Because now that the site is running over a modern content engine, we’ll be much more efficient at keeping the site updated. More importantly, you will have a hand in that too.

Roughly speaking, most dynamic content on the IEET site falls into four categories: science and technology news, the events calendar, IEET news, and articles and writings by IEET fellows and staff.

  • Science and technology news: As some of you know, the IEET is developing close ties with BetterHumans, who do a very sharp job covering relevant news. The IEET site is syndicating them via RSS, and we encourage everyone to add content to BH. It will show up on the IEET site *and* a lot of other places, so it’s a very efficient way to spread the word about interesting advances.
  • The events calendar: We have some things in store for the calendar; for now, you can get events on the calendar by CC’ing the info to If you regularly organize or participate in events, you might want to get direct posting access to the calendar.
  • IEET news: It’s going to become a much more active zone of the site, with more people making regular contributions, key topics referenced from the mailing list, etc.
  • Articles by IEET fellows and staff: This also will get a boost, we hope, with tigher coverage of what everybody is doing and more frequent updates.

The bottom line: More material, faster updates and new opportunities for everybody to chime in. Get on board.


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