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Robot Attack Insurance

Saturday Night Live sends up a Fox News/GOP scare story about military robots designed to use human bodies as fuel.

And a compilation of real GOP scare tactics around alleged mandatory advance care planning in the health care reform proposals:

Technology can really play a big role in our society especially in our defense system. Defense spending is known to need major cuts, especially now, when one of a new military pet project is called brain optimization. Brain optimization would literally mean affecting brain activity in order to enhance memory capabilities to recall key information at appropriate times : in other words, mind control. This is a project of DARPA, the Pentagon's far out research arm, who aim to equip troops with devices that will synch up brain waves. Defense spending, including projects like brain optimization, is responsible for the bulk of the national debt of the US, perhaps our Congress should start cutting these sorts of programs when Americans need no fax payday loans for basic medical care, housing, or in some cases, even food.

check this out:
"in other words, mind control."
Carol, you weren't clear whether you meant "you control your own mind" or "someone else controls your mind."
Very often people mean it in the latter sense as a scare tactic against this type of research.
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