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Humanist Community Forum: Climate Denialism and Why We Need a Carbon Tax

Humanist Community-SiliconValley

After working as an engineer for 25 years, Sudhanshu “Suds” Jain decided that the impending climate crisis was far more important than designing the next switch chip for computer networking.  In 2008, he retired from Broadcom Corporation to become a “professional volunteer.”  He will discuss the following topics:

1.  Bill McKibben’s Gigaton limits (from Rolling Stone Article)
2.  History of Climate Denialism going back to Tobacco Denialism
3.  A little info on GeoEngineering projects
4.  Carbon Free Palo Alto ideas for 100% renewable power
5.  Need for a Carbon Tax

Humanist Community Forum (2013-05-12): Climate Denialism and Why We Need a Carbon Tax (Sudhanshu Jain) from Humanist Community-SiliconValley on Vimeo.

Jain is on the board at Acterra, and was in the pioneer class of their “Be The Change” leadership program; for the past three years, he has been doing free home energy audits with their “Green at Home” program. He has also installed solar panels on low income housing with Grid Alternatives, and been active with Citizen’s Climate Lobby, which advocates for a carbon tax with 100% revenue recycling (dividends to consumers). Since 2011, he has been teaching “climate change science” to middle school students at Discovery Charter School in San Jose.


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