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Journal of Evolution and Technology June 2007, 16(1): Contents
Jun 10, 2007  

Robert Freitas  
"The Ideal Gene Delivery Vector: Chromallocytes, Cell Repair Nanorobots for Chromosome Replacement Therapy"
(pgs 1-97)

Robin Hanson, James Hughes, Michael LaTorra, David Brin, Giulio Prisco
The Hanson-Hughes Debate on "The Crack of a Future Dawn"
(pgs 99-126)

An Ravelingien    
“Xenotransplantation and the harm principle: Factoring out foreseen risk”
(pgs 127-149)

David Koepsell  
“Individual and Collective Rights in Genomic Data: Preliminary Questions”
(pgs 151-159)

Woody Evans  
“Singularity Warfare: A Bibliometric Survey of Militarized Transhumanism”
(pgs 161-165)

Milan M. Cirkovic
Book review: Justina Robson’s Natural History
(pgs 167-170)

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