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New Special Issue of JET Online: Minds and Machines
Dec 11, 2011  

After much hard work, the editor of the Journal of Evolution and Technology, Russell Blackford, and IEET Fellow Linda MacDonald Glenn are pleased to announce that the special issue that they have been editing if coming online.

The articles that have been put up so far are:

Minds and Machines Special Issue (Vol 22 Issue 1, Nov 2011)

Russell Blackford Editorial

Mark Coeckelbergh Vulnerable Cyborgs: Learning to Live with our Dragons

Corry Shores Misbehaving Machines: The Emulated Brains of Transhumanist Dreams

Nicholas Agar Ray Kurzweil and Uploading: Just Say No!

Mark Walker Personal Identity and Uploading

Jeff Buechner Fictional Entities and Augmented Reality: A Metaphysical Impossibility Result

Kim Lacey Viva Whenever: Suspended and Expanded Bodies in Time

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