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Consciousness, Software & the Brain
John Searle   Jul 29, 2013   TEDxTalks  

John Searle one of the world’s great philosophers of mind and language, has spent fifty years stimulating thinking around the world. What he says about consciousness as a biological phenomenon will challenge you! Cogitation, Consciousness & The Brain. He takes seriously, well not so much, about the concepts of behaviorism and “Strong AI” aka computer consciousness.

Excellent talk!

It's difficult to argue with John Serle, but I'll just add that his whole argument describes Phenomenology, and does not aim to rationalize the mechanism > Are neurons conscious biological entities John? Or are you merely concerned and confusing "mind" and aggregate processes with the rationalization of consciousness?

If neurons are not themselves biologically conscious entities, then emergent consciousness arises only from the phenomenon of "mind" and its computation?

And yet I would declare that an artificial mind, memory, creativity and intelligence can and will be created, and very soon?

Can't really argue with the remaining difficulty concerning this spooky "Phenomenological consciousness" arising in a machine - his argument against is difficult to overcome, yet if we separate mind, as rational thinking processing, the ability to randomly replicate "creativity", and aspire to be independently "intelligent", and to understand Human symbolism and semantics, and thus communicate and respond with intelligence and understanding with Humans - then the borders may swiftly become blurred as to describing a machine without a simulation of "consciousness"?

Presently I feel I am a multitasking entity, but this is a mistake? I am still processing strings one at a time in my formal consciousness, the major data handling is going on sub-consciously?

I analyse my Coffee, first as "wet", then "hot" and then talk about it - a machine can do this already, to the satisfaction of any Turing test?

How does my Coffee taste? The question, at this time, is irrelevant Captain!

Qualia is the hard problem?

It sounds like consciousness is just self-awareness.

This software gives situational awareness (self-awareness) to (for example) cars.

BTW, don't confuse an object for an action. Consciousness isn't an object state, it is a action state. This is important because you judge consciousness by its interaction with the not-I. You may think it is a river, but it is instead water running continuously.
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