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Michio Kaku on Physics of the Future
Michio Kaku   Mar 27, 2011  

Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and cofounder of string field theory, describes the revolutionary developments taking place in the fields of medicine, computers, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, energy, and astronautics. Appearing as a guest on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show, Kaku also tells who the winners and losers of the future will be, who will have jobs, and which nations will prosper.

Hi, I've seen a program presented by Muchio Kaku which had many other interesting speculations not entered into here - particularly on powerful new fibrous metals, also which could be used to propel things out of the earths gravity zone - after all, most of a rocket is the fuel to get the tip beyond that gravitational radius. The possibility of growing new organs is good news as I have bad kidneys - too late perhaps for me, but not for my nieces and nephew. The speculation on Fusion and Anti Matter is very interesting, all government money should be spent not on goddam wars looking for more fossil fuels but developing Fusion. I think the Antimatter rocket theory is a bit unbelievable - but what would people of the 1700've thought about supersonic transatlantic flights - they'd've thought it preposterous, you've only got to extrapolate a bit into the future from the past - to find some disorientating possibles. It is just that you can't travel faster than light and 4 years (the nearest stars being 4 light years away) is a lot to ask of any astronaut - 8 really, including the return journey. Also nothing about Time Travel - maybe there's no future in it ? - hurhur.
A bit annoyed that Richard Smalley was quoted in reference to Nanotechnology, what about Drexler? Smalley initially refuted Drexlers visions of Nanotech postulating that the sticky fingers problem would halt nanotechnolgy.
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