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Discover Magazine Appoints Kyle Munkittrick as Blogger
Jul 13, 2010  

IEET program director and intern wrangler Kyle Munkittrick has been appointed by Discover magazine as part of the team on their “Science Not Fiction” blog.

Some of Kyle’s contributions to the blog include discussion of cochlear implants, the the debate over performance-enhancing drugs at the Olympics,  “Cyborg Comedians Kick Ass (With Prosthetic Legs),”  a new movie about surrogacy, and Sunday’s NYT piece on cryonics.

When will the mainstream media stop trying to cripple the technoprogressive movement by stealing our brightest talents and giving them prominent pulpits?!

(Seriously, our reaction is pretty much like this kid’s to being able to hear:)




Excellent! Congratulations!

Congrats Kyle!

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