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Open Source Biotech: Fund Anti-Cancer Research and Make Drugs Cheaper at the Same Time

This is a very cool crowdfunding campaign – you can help create a new cancer drug and at the same make it much cheaper. How? The researchers will not patent the drugs. Like polio vaccine, which was never patented, therefore it was widely available. Check out the website and the video. I loved it and made a donation of $50, because I find projects like this can change the existing paradigm in healthcare when the existing drugs are just deadly expensive. I encourage you to support the project and share it with your friends.


By the way, in aging there are also drugs that can never be patented like aspirin, metformin and rapamycin, but may well extend our lifespan. No pharmaceutical company will be interested in looking at substances that can’t be patented, but this could make our lives longer and healthier.


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