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Learning Should Not Be Easy

Published on Nov 12, 2013. Who said that learning should be easy? Not IEET Affiliate Scholar Andrea Kuszewski, a spirited researcher and science writer. On this episode of Bulletproof Radio Andrea even suggests that learning is painful and should perhaps be valued for its ability to make our brains hurt! Kuszewski is impressive and gave an incredibly useful insight into her research as she works to revolutionize education. On this show you’ll learn: why women can make men dumb, about Andrea’s brain hacks, and how to identify a sociopath. Watch out! It’s a good one. Enjoy!


As a self-described nerd, Andrea Kuszewski is also a researcher, therapist, and scientific consultant – to name a few. Her main interests are creativity, intelligence, autism, exceptional ability, x-altruism, and sociopathy, and what motivates people to change their behavior. She is a frequent contributor to Scientific American and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Kuszewski lives in the San Francisco, California and in her spare time enjoys obsessing over brains, glittery things, and Triceratops, but not necessarily in that order.

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